60+ Meaningful Earth Tattoos Designs For Environmentalist (2024) Small Simple Ideas

Being an environmentalist myself, I often look for unique ways on how I can raise awareness about green energy and Nature conservation. What more powerful way you can find than a permanent ink on your body that will convey your message not only to the world but also stay as a reminder to your pledge too.

Why Choose Earth tattoos?

I have seen hundreds (if not thousands) of clients who adore the idea of green earth tattoos. Why? The Reason is Simple – They want to spread awareness about climate change, carbon footprints, the greenhouse effect, and pollution. You don’t have to be a registered environmental activist to fight for the cause. The More people get to know about the harmful effect of carbon dioxide and methane emission in nature the better our earth will be.

Tattoos can be a really good medium to educate people regarding this. There are many different tattoos of our planet earth that you can choose from. But before that, you must be clear in your head on what message you want to give to the spectator.

Here we have chosen 60+ captivating earth tattoo designs that you can give a try.

Earth Tattoo 1
Earth Tattoo 2
Earth Tattoo 4
Earth Tattoo Designs 1
Earth Tattoo Designs 1

What Does Earth tattoo Symbolize?

You might believe in a different ideology, You can have a different ethnicity, You might even have faith in different religion but there is one thing that we all share and that is our beautiful planet earth. No matter what your beliefs are, you must preserve this beautiful planet so that our future generation can live a life as beautiful and vivid as ours is.

A common issue that many tattoo artists face is that they get clients who want to propagate the flat earth agenda. Earth is not flat and even if you think it is then you should not get a flat earth tattoo. Your motive should not be to propagate agenda but to raise awareness so that you can educate thousands about green earth.

Earth Tattoo Designs 2
Earth Tattoo Designs 3
Earth Tattoo Designs 4
Earth Tattoo Designs 5
Earth Tattoo Designs 6

Meaning of Earth Tattoos

Earth tattoos can hold several different yet powerful meanings that you need to know about. Here are some of the most sensible meanings that earth tattoos represents –

  1. Green Earth – Earth is a blue planet but it supports only because of its greenery. The trees and grass is the lifeline of our planet. Therefore, if you opt for a green earth tattoo then it means you are paying homage to Mother Nature and the trees that gave oxygen to our planet.
  2. Mother Earth – Almost all cultures accept that nature is our mother. So why not represent the earth as a mother in our tattoo design? Mother earth tattoos can be the most appealing tattoo piece that you can have on your body. You can add birds and animals to your design but make sure the mother earth is represented as a tree.
  3. Planet Earth – If you have an interest in astronomy then you can opt for planet earth tattoos. There are thousands of ‘coincidences’ that made life on earth possible. It ranges from our perfect positioning in the solar system to have only one moon of perfect size. A Planet earth tattoo will denote that you consider life is rare and one must value it. You can show the sun, moon, or even other planets in such designs.

Therefore, an earth tattoo can have meaning ranging from life, rarity, purity, sacredness, imperfection, adaptive, change and eternity.

Earth Tattoo Designs 7
Earth Tattoo Designs 8
Earth Tattoo Designs 9
Earth Tattoo Designs 10
Earth Tattoo Designs 11

Placement of Earth tattoos

Before you book your tattoo design, one thing should be clear in your heart – Earth tattoos always look good in small size. Do not go for a large size. Another thing I would suggest is that you should opt for a black ink tattoo design as it will look better in long run. A watercolor earth tattoo will look good only when it’s fresh. Over time it will lose its charm and turn into a stale design.

Earth Tattoo will look great on biceps, forearm, neck, chest, and back. Many people prefer to have earth tattoos on the thigh and calves too but since its design is spherical so I would suggest having it on a bony part rather than a meaty part of the body.

Earth Tattoo Ideas 1
Earth Tattoo Ideas 2
Earth Tattoo Ideas 3

Earth tattoo Designs on Hand

You can also have earth tattoos in the style of a map and for that you can check out this post.

Earth Tattoo Ideas 4
Earth Tattoo Ideas 5
Earth Tattoo Ideas 6
Earth Tattoo Ideas 7
Earth Tattoo Ideas 8
Earth Tattoo Ideas 9

Mother Earth tattoos

Earth Tattoo Ideas 10
Earth Tattoo Ideas 11
Earth Tattoo Ideas 12
Earth Tattoo Ideas 13
Earth Tattoo Ideas 14

Globe Tattoo

Earth Tattoos 1
Earth Tattoos 1
Earth Tattoos 2
Earth Tattoos 3
Earth Tattoos 4
Earth Tattoos 5

Meaningful Earth tattoo With Symbol

Green Earth Tattoos 1
Green Earth Tattoos 1
Green Earth Tattoos 2
Green Earth Tattoos 2
Green Earth Tattoos 3
Green Earth Tattoos 4

Simple Earth Tattoos Designs

Green Earth Tattoos 5
Green Earth Tattoos 6
Green Earth Tattoos 7

Small Earth tattoo ideas

Green Earth Tattoos 8
Green Earth Tattoos 9
Green Earth Tattoos 10
Green Earth Tattoos 11
Green Earth Tattoos 12
Green Earth Tattoos 13
Mother Earth Tattoos 1
Mother Earth Tattoos 2
Mother Earth Tattoos 3
Planet Earth Tattoos 1
Planet Earth Tattoos 1
Planet Earth Tattoos 2
Planet Earth Tattoos 3
Planet Earth Tattoos 4
Planet Earth Tattoos 5
Planet Earth Tattoos 6
Planet Earth Tattoos 7
Planet Earth Tattoos 8
Planet Earth Tattoos 9


Earth tattoo pieces can be the most meaningful design that you will ever wear. If you are an active supporter of green earth then do share our post on social media to give a unique idea on propagating ideas.

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