135+ Tribal Arrowhead Tattoo Designs for Men (2024) Traditional Style

Men simply love tattoo designs that are small, unique, meaningful and manly. Arrowhead tattoos possess all these qualities. The arrowhead tattoo designs are inspired by the ancient Native American tribal tattoo art.

It was common among Native Americans to have tattoos of their favorite weapons on their bodies. Arrow and Arrowhead were one of the best choices.

Arrowhead Tattoo Meaning

As the name suggests the arrowhead refers to the pointy edge of an arrow that pierces the target. Arrows were the most common weapons among ancient civilizations all over the world. Therefore Arrow and Arrowhead tattoos are popular in mainstream tattoo culture.

Usually, the Arrowhead tattoo would represent focus, courage, and masculinity but its meaning can vary according to design and placement. The most common meanings of Arrowhead tattoos are –

Focus – One needs to have focus and patience while learning archery. An Archer has to focus on its prey (its movement) and point the arrowhead in that direction. Therefore, the Arrowhead tattoo would represent your focus towards your goals and life.

Masculinity – Due to its Piercing nature, Arrowhead is often linked with masculinity. Ancient Native American tribes often linked the arrowhead piercing ability to the penetrative ability of the archer. An Archer would often boast about the sharpness of his arrows which also hints (double meaning) towards his $exual prowess.

If you want it to represent it through your tattoo then you can give a phallic symbolism to your arrowhead tattoo.
Aboriginal Roots – Most people love to have traditional or tribal tattoo designs just to express how proud they are of their ancestry and heritage. If you belong to the aboriginal tribes then a tribal arrowhead tattoo would be the best pick for you.

Weapon Master – Another common practice among tattoo lovers Is to have weapon tattoos to showcase that they are experts in a particular weapon. If you love archery or you also participate in archery championships then an arrowhead tattoo would look meaningful on you.

Fighting Nature –Sadly many tattoos are also linked to toxic masculinity and gangs. In recent years arrowhead tattoo has also become a popular gang-related tattoo. Therefore, many inmates get tattooed with arrowhead tattoo design to indicate that they have not lost their old ways and they are ready for a fight anytime, anywhere.

Hunter – Another little known meaning of arrowhead tattoo is Hunting. Ancient Aztec, Maori, and Native American tribes used Arrows to hunt animals for their survival. An Arrowhead tattoo can represent your hunter attitude or it can also represent your love for great outdoors.

Arrowhead Tattoo Designs for Men

Tribal Arrowhead Tattoo Designs

Indians gave importance to the tools and weapons that either made their life easy or helped them to survive. Arrows were not only useful in hunting down wild boars for food but also helped them to fight other tribes or predators.

A Tribal Arrowhead tattoo is usually inked on arms. Many artists recommend adding other native American symbols to make the tattoo even more meaningful. Before adding any Indian symbol you must be aware of its meaning and how it can improve the overall tattoo design.

Arrows used by Indians were not too pointy or sharp therefore a tribal arrowhead tattoo will give a rigid rough appearance as if made up of stone.

Traditional Arrowhead Tattoo Designs

The traditional arrowhead tattoo design will follow the same old school tattoo technique where a tattoo design is given a solid black outline with the red, blue, yellow and green color palette.

In the American traditional version, many artists love to add rising sun or Bald eagle in the Indian arrowhead tattoo just to make it more patriotic.

Arrowhead Tattoo Ideas

You can add several other designs in your arrowhead tattoo to make an overall perfect combination tattoo. The most popular Combinations are –

STONE ARROWHEAD TATTOO – In this design, the arrowhead is given the appearance as if it is carved from a rock from The Flintstones era.

ARROWHEAD OUTLINE TATTOO – Such designs are carried out using the dot-work technique. A Solid black line will also make it distinct.

CHEROKEE ARROWHEAD TATTOO – In these designs, the part of the staff will also be shown along with arrowhead. Also, the arrowhead may or may not have a cloth tied to it which symbolizes good omen. Mostly Cherokee arrowhead tattoo will indicate as if they have been used and now broken.

CELTIC ARROWHEAD TATTOO – These tattoo designs would be inspired by the Celtic tattoo art.

POLYNESIAN ARROWHEAD TATTOO – Another popular version is Polynesian arrowhead which is usually opted by the aboriginal people of Australia and Newzealand.

native american arrows tattoo

3D Arrowhead Tattoo With Dotted Yellow Outline

arrow head tattoo

Amazing Guys Arrowhead Tattoo On Forearms

tribal arrowhead tattoo

Angry Eagle Inside Arrowhead Tattoo On Hands For Guys

arrowhead tattoo designs

Arrow Head Tattoo Designs For Men

arrowhead tattoo meaning

Arrowhead Tattoo Ideas For Men

arrow outline tattoo

Arrowhead Tattoos For Men

american traditional indian tattoo

Arrowhead Behind The Ear Tattoo

indian arrowhead tattoos

Arrowhead Camping Tattoo

indian spear tattoo

Arrowhead Custom Tattoo Neo Traditional Eternal Ink

american traditional arrow tattoo

Arrowhead Dagger On Forearm

arrow head tattoos

Arrowhead Dot Tattoo

native american spear tattoo

Arrowhead Dotwork Tattoo

native american arrowhead tattoo

Arrowhead Eye Tattoo

arrow head design

Arrow Head Feathers

arrowhead tattoo ideas

Arrowhead Feather Tattoo

traditional arrowhead tattoo

Arrowhead Feather Tattoo With Red Lotus Color

native american spear tattoos

Arrowhead Hunting Tattoos

indian arrow tattoos

Arrowhead Knuckle Tattoos

stone arrowhead tattoo

Arrow Head Made Of Stones Tattoo On Forearms For Guys

arrowhead outline tattoo

Arrowhead Mountain Tattoo

native american arrowhead tattoos

Arrowhead Nature Trail Scene

indian arrowhead tattoo

Arrowhead Neck Tattoo

meaning of arrowhead tattoo

Arrowhead Nofilter Tattoo

arrowhead tattoo pictures

Arrow Head Rib Tattoo For Women

arrowhead tattoo flash

Arrowhead Skull Tattoos

meaning of arrowhead and feather tattoo

Arrowhead Tattoo Engraved With A Snowflake

cool arrowhead tattoo

Arrowhead Tattoo Flash

flint arrowhead tattoo

Arrowhead Tattoo Pictures

american traditional arrowhead tattoo

Arrowhead Tattoos

arrowhead tattoo sketch

Arrowhead Tattoo White Detail

arrowhead arizona tattoo

Arrowhead Tattoo With Blue Outline

savage tattoo font tomahawk arrow arrowhead

Arrowhead Tattoo With Colored Outline On Arms For Male

arrowhead skintear tattoo

Arrowhead Tattoo With Flying UFO Inside

small arrowhead tattoo

Arrowhead Tattoo With Grey Shaded Design Tattoo On Arms Guys

arrowhead indian tattoo design

Arrowhead Thigh Tattoo

renegade indian arrowhead tattoo

Arrowhead Traditional Tattoo Flash

arrowhead with tipee tattoo

Arrowhead Traditional Tattoo Sleeve

sunflower arrowhead tattoo

Arrowhead With Name Tattoo

polynesian tattoo ideas arrowhead

Arrowhead Wolf Native American Tattoo

traditional americana arrowhead tattoo

Arrowhead Wolf Tattoo

meaning of the indian arrowhead tattoo designs

Beautiful Dotted Arrrowhead Tattoo On Elbows Guys

tattoo pattern of indian arrowhead

Beautiful Nightsky In Arrowhead Tattoo On Forearms Men

mens arrowhead tattoo

Best Traditional Arrowhead

arrowhead tattoo common?

Black And Grey Arrowhead

neo traditional arrowhead tattoo

Blackwork Arrowhead Tattoos

skull with arrowhead tattoo

Blazing Native American Arrowhead Tattoo Males Knee

arrowhead tattoo with cursive never lose your way

Cactus Tattoo Arrowhead Sunset Tattoos For Girls

arrowhead tattoo template

Cool Arrowhead Colorfull Tattoo

native american arrowhead tattoo designs

Cool Arrowhead Feather Tattoo On Thigh

traditional arrowhead tee pee tattoo flash

Dotted Design Grey Arrowhead Tattoos On Arms For Men

arrowhead traditional tattoo

Eagle Arrowhead Tattoo

clovis arrowhead tattoo

Eagle Inside Arrowhead Tattoos For Guys On Legs

arrowhead bicept tattoo

Explosive Arrowhead Tattoo On Arms For Men

camping arrowhead tattoo

Fabulous Grey Arrowhead Tattoo On Arms For Men

arrowhead wrist tattoo

Flaming Mountain Arrowhead Tattoo On Ankles Males

wolf arrowhead tattoo

Forearm Majestic Eagle Inside Arrowhead Mens Tattoos

arrowhead tattoo designs and meanings

Geometric Arrowhead Tattoo

american traditional arrowhead tattoo flash

Gorgeous Grey Feathered Eagle Inside Arrowhead Tattoo Male Forarms

arrowhead tattoo black and white

Grey And Black Arrowhead Tattoo On Forearms For Guys

arrowhead tattoo fairfield iowa

Grey Pencil Art Arrowhead Tattoo On Forearms For Men

arrowhead tattoo simple

Guys Forarms Tent On Hills Arrowhead Tattoos

minimal nps arrowhead tattoo

Guy With Cool Arrowhead Tattoo On Torso

kc chiefs arrowhead tattoo

Guy With Leafy Arrowhead Tattoo On Forearms

arrowhead drawing tattoo

Guy With Pale Colored Arrowhead Tattoo On Legs

light shades around arrowhead tattoo

Guy With Simple Arrowhead Outline And Feather Tattoo Upper Arms

arrowhead tattoo black and white realistic

Guy With Skull And Arrowhead Tattoo On Arms

arrowhead and feather tattoo design

Guy With Squawking Eagle On Arrowhead Tattoo Forearms

indian arrowhead tattoo ideas pinterest

Guy With Wooden Handle Arrowhead Tattoo On Arms

wolf on arrowhead tattoo

Hungry Bear Inside Arrowhead Tattto On Upperarms For Males

celtic arrowhead tattoo

Impressive Arrowhead Tattoo For Guys On Ankle

gay porn right arm feather band tattoo arrowhead

Indian Arrowhead Tattoo Designs

arrowhead tattoo + anna sica

Indian Tattoo Arrowhead Native American Neo Traditional Color

arrowhead with feathers tattoo

Lake Arrowhead Tattoo

geometric arrowhead tattoo

Landscape Inside Arrowhead

simple arrowhead tattoo scar

Light From Ufo Inside Arrowhead Tattoos On Forearms Men

old school arrowhead tattoo design

Little Arrow Head Angkle Tattoos

national park arrowhead tattoo

Lovely And Sweet Arrowhead Finger Tattoo

stone arrowhead and feathers tattoo

Male Inner Forearm Black Ink Arrowhead Tattoos

kansas city chiefs arrowhead tattoo

Male Sunlit Lake In Arrowhead Tattoo Arms

drawn arrowhead tattoo

Male With Brilliant Arrowhead Tattoo On Forearms

arrowhead hunting tattoo

Male With Trio Of Arrowheads With Green Feathe Tattoo Forearms

clock tattoo with arrowhead

Male Wrist Leaden Arrowhead Tattoo

arrowhead tattoo fairfield

Mens Black And White Camping Arrowhead Tattoo On Arms

arrowhead stadium tattoo

Mens Caramel Colored Arrowhead Tattoo On Arms

arrowhead tattoo images

Mens Colorful Arrowhead Tattoo On Forearms For Guys

tattoo arrowhead minimal

Mens Dangling Pair Of Arrowheads Tattoo On Calves

arrowhead tattoo minimal

Mens Dichrome Shaded Arrowhead Tattoo On Upperarms

male arrowhead tattoo

Mens Dotted Arrowhead Design Tattoo On Forearms

polynesian arrowhead tattoo meaning

Mens Ethnic Arrowhead Tattoo On Arms

ripped arrowhead chiefs tattoo

Mens Evil Inside Arrowhead Tattoo On Forearms

tattoo design of indian arrowhead

Mens Fantastic Blade Arrowhead Tattoo On Forearms

arrowhead tattoo toronto

Mens Glowing Sunrise Arrowhead Tattoo On Forearms

arrowhead with tipee inside tattoo

Mens Iron Grey Arrowhead Tattoo With Yellow Pattern On Torso

arrowhead and royals logo blended tattoo

Mens Picnicing During Sunset Arrowhead Tattoo Lower Ribs

drawn clovis arrowhead tattoo

Mens Red Indian Themed Arrowhead Tattoo On Forearms

arrowhead tattoo 604 n 3rd st

Mens Scaly Arrowhead Tattoo On Calves

cherokee arrowhead tattoo

Mens Tribal Arrowhead With Lined Design Tattoo On Calves

arrowhead remembrance tattoo

Mens Unique Arrowhead Tattoo On Ankles

tattoo arrowhead with a skull and

Mens Yellow New Moon In Arrowhead Tattoo On Legs

traditional arrowhead tattoo black

Moonlight Tenting Arrowhead Tattoo On Forearms Men

arrowhead down spine tattoo

Native American Arrowhead Tattoo Designs

Native American Girl Tattoo Arrowhead

Native American Skull Tattoo Arrowhead Splash Of Color

Native Indian Arrowhead Tattoo On Forearms Men

Native Lady Arrowhead Tattoo

Nature Tattoo Arrowhead

Nice Arrowhead Tattoo With Crossed Axes On Arms Male

Perfect Arrowhead Tattoo On Calves For Men

Perfect Arrowhead Tattoo On Forearm

Ragged Edge Arrowhead Tattoo On Forearms Guys

Realistic Black Eye Inside Arrowhead Tattoo On Wrist For Men

Rope Clenching Arrowhead Tattoo On Forearms For Guys

Rose Traditional Arrowhead Tattoo Flash

Scary Arrowhead Tattos With Red Shades Ankles Male

Scenic Ashoka Trees On Arrowhead Tattoo For Men On Ankles

Shoulder Tattoo Arrowhead

Small Arrowhead Tattoos On Wrist

Small Arrowhead Tattoo Wraps A Bit Around The Bicep

Solid Arrowhead Tattoo With Rope On Forearms For Guys

Starry Sky Arrowhead Tattoo On Torso For Males

Stick And Poke Arrow Head Tattoos

Stone Arrowhead Tattoo Designs

Stone Arrowhead Tattoos

Tattoo Arrowhead Night Landscape

Tiny Arrowhead Finger Tattoo

Tradional Indian Arrowhead Tattoo Design On Arms Guys

Traditional Arrowhead Tattoo

Traditional Indian Arrowhead Tattoo Designs

Traditional Tattoo Arrowhead

Traditional Tattoo Arrowhead On Neck With Mom Word

Unique Male Arrowhead Tattoo On Ribs For Men

Very Specific Arrowhead Tattoos

Wishbone And Arrow Head Tattoo Design

Wolf Inside Arrowhead Sleeve Tattoo

Apart from these, you can add Horseshoe, dreamcatcher, elk, feather, ring or even an Indian chief portrait to it.

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