50 Cute and Matching Couple Tattoos for Lovers (2017)

Couple Tattoos
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); There is no denying of the fact that couple tattoos are as much popular as simple tattoos for men and women. Most couple prefers to have matching tattoos while few others look for unique tattoo designs. You will find many couples with wedding ring tattoo designs on their... more →
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50 Best The Legend of Zelda Tattoos for Gamers (2017)

The Legend of Zelda Tattoos
Among the video game inspired tattoos, Zelda tattoos are most popular. Today Kids will never understand the legacy of Zelda games. If you grew up in the 80s and 90s then I bet you have played The Legend of Zelda game series once in your life. Here we have chosen 50 cute Zelda tattoo designs for men and women- Zelda Tattoos Ideas... more →
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50 Alien UFO Tattoos For Men and Women (2017)

UFO Tattoos
UFO tattoos are so rare that you will find one in thousand tattoo lovers having them. Although UFO tattoos suits both men and women yet it is not popular in either gender. This is probably because of the universal acceptance of UFO. People do not want to send wrong signals and be called as tinfoil head. I strongly believe in aliens... more →
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50 Yin Yang Tattoos For Couples and Best Friends (2017)

Yin Yang Tattoos
Yin Yang tattoos are not new. They have been part of traditional Chinese culture from thousands of years. Yin and Yang tattoo have a deep meaning. Yin and Yang represent the circle of life. It represents the conflict within a man for good values and evil addictions. Yin and Yang complete each other. If they are balanced then it means... more →
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50 Smart White Ink Tattoos For Men and Women (2017)

White ink tattoos
White ink tattoos are not admired by almost everyone. This is because white ink tattoos fade away even more quickly than normal tattoos. Secondly White ink tattoos often get confusing and scare away people. Teenage boys and girls love to have white ink tattoos that glow in the dark so that they can show off at parties. Also they... more →
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50 Superb Micro Tattoos Ideas for Men and Women (2017)

Micro Tattoos
For many reasons people to love to have micro tattoos instead of large size tattoos. If you are a newbie in tattoo world then let me clear you one thing tattooing is an art. The right kind of tattoo describes your personality. You do not need to have full body tattoos to modify your personality. In fact a small size subtle tattoo... more →
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50 Inspirational and Meaningful One Word Tattoos (2017)

One Word Tattoos
One reason why one word tattoos are popular is that they do not cost much and also take very less time. You will find many ideas for one word tattoos on sites like Tumblr and Pinterest. But it is confusing and sometime wastage of time to browse through thousands of pictures of tattoos. Here we have chosen 50 best one word tattoos... more →
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