50 Cute Star Tattoos For Men & Women (2018)

What do star tattoos mean? Well, they can have different meaning depending on which context they are shown. For example, nautical star tattoo will represent guidance and hope while shooting star tattoo will represent stardom and fantasy.

Star of David and North Star represent faith in religion. Red star represent political ideology. Here we present you 50 star tattoos that can be tried by both men and women –

Star Tattoos For Men

1. A 3s star tattoo design would require a good amount of space so either try it on chest or on back.
3d Star Tattoos

2. This star tattoo design with angel wings is also a good choice for memorial tattoo.
best Star Tattoos

3. Black star tattoos have their own meaning as they represent hope of a man who has lost it all.
black Star Tattoos

4. Blue star tattoo are also meaningful as they represent peace. They show that you understand that with great power comes great responsibility.
blue Star Tattoos

5. Star tattoos are often added with other design. One of the best companions is butterfly. A butterfly and star tattoo will mean that you find beauty in nature.
butterfly and Star Tattoos

6. You can try multiple colourful star tattoos. These could be dedicated to your family members and loved ones.
colorful Star Tattoos

7. Here is a cool star tattoo design where one star is shown bigger than other two. This is fact of universe. There are so many bigger stars than our own sun.
cool Star Tattoos

8. A star gets dark when it dies. According to science it becomes a black hole. A dark star tattoo will mean that you are strong willed person and do not fall easily for emotions.
dark Star Tattoos

9. Various review aggregator sites uses the five star technique to rate a movie,song, book or a product. You can opt for a five star tattoo to show you consider yourself as a perfect genius.
five Star Tattoos

10. Forearm is one of the best place to try star tattoos.Here is one unique design that you can try on forearm.
forearm Star Tattoos

Star Tattoos for Women

11. Many logos uses star in them. Here is a four star tattoo that looks extremely $exy on the stomach of this woman.
four Star Tattoos

12. Heart and star tattoo have a unique meaning. They represent infinite love that will exist even in next life.
hearts and Star Tattoos

13. The jewish star or the star of david is also a popular tattoo design. It is opted by jews.
jewish Star Tattoos

14. Many tribes consider star tattoos to be lucky as they depended on them for agricultural hints. You can opt for a nautical lucky star tattoo like this.
lucky Star Tattoos

15. We see our moon along with trillions of stars in our night sky. It would be a cool idea to try a moon and stars tattoo design.
moon and Star Tattoos

16. In Victorian era, sailors depended on nautical star for navigational purpose. Here is a nautical star for people on navy.
nautical Star Tattoos

17. Sailor mainly depended on North Star for this. So you can try a north star tattoo like this.
north Star Tattoos

18. You can decorate your star tattoo design with various patterns. Here is a picture of star tattoo that is styled with a some tribal patterns.
pictures of Star Tattoos

19. A red star usually dwarf in size. However, on earth, red star is popular symbol for communism.
red Star Tattoos

20. Almost every tribe on earth believed that shooting stars gave hidden messages to them. They usually wished for something good when witnessing a shooting star.
shooting Star Tattoos

Small Star Tattoos

21. Usually star tattoos are opted small in size because they look better in such size. Here is a small star tattoo on the collar bone of this girl.
small Star Tattoos

22. Modern compasses used star design in them. A Star compass tattoo will represent that you are looking for (or have found) right direction in life.
Star compass Tattoos

23. Star tattoos cannot be a good cover up tattoo. But a shooting star coverup tattoo can be a good idea.
Star coverup Tattoos

24. Star tattoos are also tried on face. Even though I won’t advise star face tattoos but If you want one then here is a design.
Star face Tattoos

25. Small star tattoos can be easily tried on fingers. Here is a star tattoo on finger that is made even more meaningful with the addition of moon.
Star finger Tattoos

26. If you want to have a star half sleeve tattoos then you have to opt for the 3d design like this.
Star half sleeve Tattoos

27. The star of life tattoo is a six pointed star tattoo that has the staff of Greek god Asclepius at the centre. People in medical profession opt for it.
Star of life Tattoos

28. You can have a galaxy of star tattoos on your side just like this girl.
Star side Tattoos

29. Another cool idea would be to try tiny star tattoos behind ears just like this.
Star Tattoo behind ears

30. Stars are uneven in size so if you are showing multiple stars in your tattoo design then keep this fact in mind.
Star Tattoo designs

Star tattoos Ideas

31. One cool body part to try star tattoos is elbow. You can try a similar design.
Star Tattoo on elbow

32. There are very few tattoos that look good on foot. A stars cluster tattoo like this will look amazing on feet.
Star Tattoo on feet

33. Even though I would prefer the above design but many people cannot extend tattoo up to calf due to job related reasons. They can try the below shown design.
Star Tattoo on foot

34. Star tattoos look amazing on wrist. However you should opt for a unique or uncommon design like this.
Star Tattoo on wrists

35. A minimal star tattoo will have its own grace. It will represent your simplicity.
Star Tattoo

36. You can try an eight pointed star tattoo which will represent that you believe you are unstoppable.
Star Tattoos designs

37. If you have huge bicep then a cool idea would be to try star tattoo on them like this.
Star Tattoos for guys

38. One common practice among tattoo artists is show a blurry black background behind a white star. Here is how such tattoos look like.
Star Tattoos for men

39. It is common among siblings (both among brothers and sisters) to try matching star tattoos.
Star Tattoos for women

40. Here is a tribal star tattoo design that is inspired from the Egyptian pyramid paintings. It looks like a running man.
Star Tattoos images

Unique Star Tattoos

41. You can gracefully use the white and black ink in your star cluster tattoo to show that you believe life has every shade.
Star Tattoos on back

42. One unique style that you can try is to have a Disney styled star tattoo cluster on your leg as shown in this picture.
Star Tattoos on leg

43. Here is a unique star tattoo on the shoulder of this girl that also looks like Patrick (from Spongebob Squarepants) sleeping on his back while Gary the snail resting over him.
Star Tattoos on shoulders

44. Here this uneven star tattoo on stomach actually has a deep meaning. The artist tried to show that the things that are shiny far away may be broken inside.
Star Tattoos on stomach

45. Here is another small and simple star tattoo design on wrist that can be easily inked.
Star Tattoos on wrist

46. You can add a meaningful quote or saying or bible verse to your star tattoo design.
Star Tattoos

47. If you wish to have a temporary star tattoo design then opt for henna or mehndi for this.
Star temporary Tattoos

48. Star tattoos looks extremely $exy on thigh in my opinion. Here is a unique design that can be tried by girls.
Star thigh Tattoos

49. This pointed tribal star tattoo design is also very meaningful. It shows that a person can has two sides.
tribal Star Tattoos

50. Here is a watercolour star tattoo design that is very graceful and beautiful.
watercolor Star Tattoos

From the above-shown photo gallery of star tattoos which one you liked this most?