51 Most Beautiful Flower Tattoos Ideas (2018)

Flower Tattoos For Men

31. Of all the summer flowers, Gladiolus is my favourite. Gladiolus flower tattoos will suit on men who love gardening and have grown on these beauties in their backyard.(Small 3d tattoos)
gladiolus flower tattoos

32. Yellow Hibiscus is one of the most popular Hawaiian flowers. But it is not so popular among Hawaiian flower tattoos.
Hawaiian flower tattoos

33. Lovers and couples like to have matching flower and heart tattoos. Here is a unique take on heart and flower tattoos where the artist showed an anatomical heart.
hearts and flower tattoos

34. Calluna Vulgaris aka heather flower is very popular among garden lovers. Therefore it is a suitable choice as tattoo.
heather flower tattoos

35. Japanese flower parks are also very popular and you can have a Japanese flower tattoo inspired from such parks.
japanese flower tattoos

36. Lily is among the most common flower tattoo design. This is because lilies are used in funerals and lily flower tattoos are considered as memorial tattoos.
lily flower tattoos

37. Lotus flower tattoo also has a deep meaning. Lotus bloom into mud and thus lotus tattoo will represent faith and determination to overcome all obstacles.
lotus flower tattoos

38. Many like to have birth flower tattoo designs. I was born in the month of May and here is a may birth flower (lily) tattoo design.
may birth flower tattoos

39. You can have temporary flower tattoos that are inked using watercolour or pastel color. Here is a watercolour flower tattoo design on the back shoulder of this girl.
realistic flower tattoos

40. This flower tattoos on back of this guy is made unbelievably beautiful by adding water droplets to it. It is hard for an inexperienced tattoo artist to pull this off.
roses flower tattoos