51 Most Beautiful Flower Tattoos Ideas (2018)

Traditional Flower Tattoos

21. Women can add name initials to their flower tattoos. It can be name of their SO or even of their mother/father.(Friendship tattoos for guys)
flower tattoos for women

22. This cool flower tattoo on arm is looking so attractive because of the big petal size. It will suit on men with thick forearms or biceps.
flower tattoos on arm

23. Many artists think that wrist can only afford small size tattoos. That is not true. Here is a flower tattoo on wrist that is made in the style of a bracelet.
flower tattoos on wrist

24. Rose flower tattoos is usually opted by couples as rose is considered symbol of love. You try a matching rose flower tattoo with your boyfriend or husband.
flower tattoos tumblr

25. A flower tattoo seems incomplete without a stem. But still many people avoid the stem part and just opt for simple flower tattoo like this.
flower tattoos

26. Flower tattoo can suit on any part of body but my personal choice is thigh. Flower thigh tattoos on girls look way more attractive than on any other body part.
flower thigh tattoos

27. A cool idea for flower tattoo on forearm is to ink the stem and root on the wrist while spread out the flower tattoo up to elbow (half sleeve).
forearm flower tattoos

28. Myosotis flower is commonly known as Forget-Me-Nots flower. Forget me not flower tattoos are opted by lovers and couples to define their undying love for each other.
forget me not flower tattoos

29. Many people like to imagine various natural things in perfect geometrical shapes. You will find many geometric flower tattoos on deviantart.
geometric flower tattoos

30. Personally I don’t think flower tattoos on shoulder look good. This is because shoulder is not visible all the time. But if for some reasons you cannot have flower tattoo on any other body part then you can try this design on shoulder.
girls flower tattoos