What Stays Behind The Card Tattoos?

Playing card tattoos have been regarded as one of the most popular tattoo designs, being both glamorous and stylish. In this article, with help of NonGamStopSlots portal about casinos and slots, you can find out more about this popular type of tattoo. People have been getting card motifs for the longest time, some for merely the fun of it, some because they love gambling, and some because the cards have specific symbolism.

There are certain cards that signify good fortune, especially in tarots and people get them inked on their bodies as a good luck charm. Some get aces and king tattoos inked to denote the top position and royal status. Women mostly get queen tattoos instead of king ones and other patterns. Apart from good fortune and wealth, some playing cards also symbolize reversal in fortune, disaster or death. The hangman, devil, and death symbols are unlucky in tarot but part of the popular gothic and edgy cult. There are various other symbols that have a special meaning attached to them and can stand for more than just a cool look. 

History of Card Tattoos

Card tattoos go quite long back in history, inaugurating in 9th century China and then passed down generation by generation to form the current tradition. The tradition of tattoos had a cultural aspect, each tattoo tells a story, each tattoo as a marker of identity. The card tattoos similarly had a story-telling quality or were used as identity markers. Like gamblers were archetypically associated with card and money tattoos while women gamblers were seen to adorn hearts and diamond tattoos or Queen tattoos. Movie representation depicted assassins and mafia with cards and skull tattoos and the badass sidekick with flames and card symbols. The stereotypical notion of identity changed with people opening up to a variety of tattoo ideas and getting their favourite symbols inked.

Types of Cards

Getting a tattoo is the second step of the process, the first thing is to know your cards to get the design you want. It is like a poker game which many players like, card decks traditionally have 52 cards, the 54 card deck includes two Jokers. The Jokers substitute other cards and are not often used in games. The other 52 cards consist of Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, all four each and the number cards from 2-10, also four sets of each. They are divided into two colours, usually red and black with the heart and diamonds being red and the spade and the clover being black. The heart, diamond, spade, and clover divide each of the cards into four sets, each having its own Ace, King, Queen, Jack, along with the number cards from 2-10. Once you become familiar with the cards, it becomes easier to choose what you want. If you love card games and are an experienced gambler, then choosing a card is easier for you. 

The tarot cards are different from the basic card decks. They are mostly used for fortune-telling and not used for games due to the huge variety of cards and divisions in each set. The tarot cards have a pictorial representation and each picture has a specific meaning. They are well-suited for those who are interested in the art of story-telling through images. You can go for tarot designs based on your zodiac or the meaning attributed to the card. 

Meaning Behind Card Tattoos

Each card tattoo has a separate meaning behind them, some of which may already be known to you. The Ace is availed for the top position in cards, the word ace is also used for someone who is good at everything they do. Hence, the Ace card is often inked for good luck and a desire to be on top. The Ace card can also be linked to ambition. Similarly, the King represents being a leader or ruler. The King tattoo conveys magnetism and can be got to portray self-confidence. The queen symbol tattoo is alike to the king symbol tattoo in terms of royalty. The Queen tattoo shows power, control, and a force of existence. The Queen symbol is a fan favourite and a popular tattoo idea. 

The Joker is a flexible card that can be used to depict anything one likes. Since the Joker is the game-changer, it is often linked with a favourable turn of fortune and is used for good luck. The Joker as a cult icon can also be an accompaniment of other cards.

Symbols to Accompany Card Tattoos

Skulls, Flames, Hearts, Diamonds, Spades are common symbols that are used for card tattoos. There are some symbols that one can get instead of the traditional tattoos like casino chips or fruit symbols like cherries, dice, crowns, eight balls, sporting bet-related symbols, and more. 


There is a multitude of tattoo ideas you have yet to explore and try. Thus, it is best to select the tattoo you want by investigating the choices and keeping your options open. You can find tattoos that fit you or get ones with a message you like the best.