What Gambling Tattoo Ideas Should I Consider?


The world of gambling is huge and for most people, the idea behind games of luck or the actual games has impacted their lives in many different ways. That is why gambling tattoos are quite a popular choice for most people.

Even people that have never played casino games, like the ones on this website, get traditional casino tattoos just because they often symbolize good luck.

Since luck is very important in our lives, getting a gambling tattoo with traditional casino symbols like cards, dice, lucky sevens, cherries or others might be the perfect way to highlight your journey.

That is why in today’s article we will highlight some of the most popular gambling tattoo ideas that you should consider getting if you are somehow involved in this industry or just want to add something that will attract luck into your life.

Best Gambling Tattoo Ideas

A Deck of Cards

A deck of cards is a well-known gambling symbol that may be incorporated into many different tattoo designs. You can choose to get a tattoo of just one card, like the ace of spades or the queen of hearts, or you can choose to have an entire deck of cards inked on your body.

You can also feature specific Poker hands where the cards will be lined up to perfection giving you the strongest hand. Card tattoos are quite popular and they represent a symbol of luck, fortune, or fate. Not to mention that they look very good as a tattoo design.


Another well-known gambling symbol is the dice, which can be incorporated into many different tattoo designs. You might get a tattoo of a single die or two dice, with the number that has the most personal importance for you written on them.

Like most other gambling-related symbols, the symbol of dice represents chance and luck all around the world.

Lucky Charm

Many gamblers think that fortunate charms have special powers, therefore you could want to include a lucky charm in your tattoo. For instance, this might be a four-leaf clover, a horseshoe, or a rabbit’s foot.

These are all popular gambling symbols traditionally found at casinos, and adding a lucky charm to your body might bring you all the luck you need in the future, not just for gambling but for life in general.

A Casino Chip

Another well-known tattoo of gambling is a casino chip, and getting one tattooed on your body could be a subtle way to express your passion for it. You might go for a single chip in your preferred color or a more intricate pattern with a stack of chips.

This tattoo doesn’t have any symbolism apart from showing your appreciation for the game and your passion. The casino industry has changed many people’s lives and highlighting your journey with a casino chip tattoo is a great way to express your feelings.

Lucky Numbers

You might use one of the fortunate numbers in your tattoo because many gamblers believe in their potency. It’s possible that this is your fortunate lottery number or has some other special meaning for you.

So, which are your favorite roulette numbers that you want to bet on? Maybe they represent something in your life, so highlighting them with a tattoo is a great way to make them feel even more special.

Slot Machine

There is nothing more iconic than a slot machine. This popular game defines the casino industry and it is one of the most popular games found at any casino.

A tattoo of a slot machine could be an enjoyable and original way to express your appreciation for this popular type of gambling. A realistic representation of a slot machine is an option, as is a more stylized or abstract one.

You can also add hitting the jackpot or your lucky symbols just to make it even more exciting.