Welcome Bonus Basic: What Is Welcome Bonus And How Does It Work?

The welcome bonus is one of the main attractions of the online casino as it not only allows you to get to know the platform but also to start playing with an additional balance. Most casinos offer some kind of promotion to entice new customers and for this reason, it is essential to know what welcome bonuses are all about. Without a doubt, this guarantees hours of fun inside the casino and is a good way to start playing.

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There are plenty of advantages to using welcome bonuses on casino sites and today we will discuss them as well as how you can easily claim the best welcome bonus casino Canada to play in many online casinos.

What Is the Welcome Bonus?

The welcome bonus is a bonus given by online casinos for registering on their platforms. In general, these bonuses provide an additional balance in the client’s account, but there are also promotions that give free spins on slots or the possibility of participating in games in demo mode; it all depends on the welcome bonus online casino the player chooses.

The key to these promotions is that they are a way to introduce the games to the user so that he can start enjoying them as soon as he registers on the platform. There are some best casinos to claim casino bonuses like Amex Casino, Betway Casino, SportyBet Casino, RoboForex Casino, 22bet Casino, BetKing Casino, and 888 Casino.

What Do Welcome Bonuses Depend On?

When using welcome bonuses, you should understand that their size depends on a few important things:

  • The amount of your deposit;
  • The amount of money casino wants to match with your deposit (100%, 50% and so on);
  • The amount of maximum welcome bonus.

It may seem complicated, so let us help you with calculations. For instance, let’s take the welcome bonus offer from SuperLines Casino which says: 100% up to $ 600 + 50 Bonus Spins. What does this mean?

100% – is a full match of your deposit, so if you deposit $ 100 you get $ 100 extra. However, you need to consider that you are limited to $ 600, so if you deposit $ 700 you will be given a maximum of $ 600, and that is all. Additionally, as this welcome bonus offers suggests you will get 50 bonus spins on some welcome bonus slots.

Welcome Bonus Features

Although there is a wide variety of welcome bonuses in 2022 and their particularities depend on the casino that makes them available to new customers, there are some basic characteristics that they all share:

Minimum Deposit

While there are no deposit welcome bonuses, the most common are those that require the user to deposit a small amount into their account. This is known as the minimum deposit and it is basically the minimum amount of money that the player must transfer to his account in order to enjoy the bonus.

Percentage and Maximum Bonus

The percentage refers to the amount of additional balance offered by the bonus in relation to the amount deposited in the account. Some bonuses have a maximum bonus that sets the limit on the amount of additional money the user will receive in their account.

Wagering Requirements

Most bonuses detail what types of games the additional balance can be used on and what requirements must be met in order to access bonus winnings.


When registering on a platform, there will be a maximum period of time to request the free casino bonuses. Once active, the casino will likely set an expiration date which determines how long the additional balance can be used.

To Conclude

We hope you found all the needed information about the welcome bonus casino and will choose and use them considering all the terms and conditions they have. If you haven’t tried using welcome bonuses, we suggest you do it as fast as you can to understand welcome bonuses benefits and earn easy money with their help.