Wedding Tattoos – A New Raging Trend To Commemorate The Special Day

If you spend lots of time on Instagram or you always keep up with the latest tattoo trends, you may be aware of a ranging trend that began a few years ago and is continuing to gather pace.

We’re talking about wedding tattoos.

Wedding Tattoos
Image by TheDigitalWay from Pixabay

The Popularity of Wedding Tattoos

Today’s newlyweds are looking at ways of mixing up old marriage traditions, not least in terms of wedding rings. While rings for the bride and groom have a long tradition in wedding ceremonies, millennials are looking for more personal approaches to symbolizing their eternal love.

For millennial couples, commemorating their love doesn’t just stop at a big wedding, or any of the old, new, borrowed, and blue. While there are exquisite unique blue diamond rings for everyday wear and for symbols of marriage, perhaps nothing speaks more about the permanence of love than a matching tattoo.

Wedding tattoos are becoming more and more popular in the U.S. and around the world. A recent study in the U.K. by MoneySavingHeroes gives us some insight into just how popular wedding tattoos are becoming.

The study discovered that out of the 2,200 young adults surveyed, 16% didn’t use wedding rings at their marriage ceremonies and 9% got tattoos on their fingers instead. 21% of those who had wedding tattoos gave the reason for getting them as wedding rings not being personal enough.

Finger Tattoos

Wedding tattoos can be more personal, and they’re certainly more permanent. Also, you don’t have to worry about a tattoo becoming stolen or damaged as with a wedding ring.

So, it’s no wonder that more and more young adults are choosing tattoos to symbolize their love for one another. Nothing says commitment like a permanent tattoo.

By far the most popular type of wedding tattoo is a tattoo on the wedding finger. Therefore, the tattoo serves as an actual replacement for a physical ring. Many people have rings tattooed onto their wedding fingers, but many also go with more daring designs.

One popular choice for finger tattoos is the infinity symbol, to represents infinite love. But many couples like to get something more personal and unique.

For instance, people have gotten wedding tattoos on their fingers like the king and queen playing card symbols, matching wolves to indicate an unbreakable pack, the names of their partners, and dates, often in Roman numerals, that marks the day of the wedding.

While some people opt for wedding tattoos that go around the wedding finger in the same way as a ring would, others prefer designs that travel the length of the wedding finger.

Tattoos in Other Places

Some people opt for more traditional tattoos to celebrate their wedding days, meaning they forget finger tattoos and instead have a tattoo on another part of their bodies.

Many couples get matching tattoos, which are of the same design and in the same place. Wedding dates are a popular choice for wedding tattoos. So are portraits of each person’s partner.

By getting a wedding tattoo somewhere on your body other than your finger, you may not be able to publicly display your love in the same way as you would with a finger tattoo or a wedding ring. But you can make your tattoo more imaginative and personal.

Temporary Tattoos 

Another recent trend is wedding guests getting temporary tattoos of things like portraits of the bride and groom or the wedding date. When each guest has the same temporary tattoo, it brings a unique, uniform, and fun flavor to the big day.