Top-Rated Tattoos among Famous Gamblers

Gambling is simply not a game to earn fortunes, but also a feeling of euphoria, adrenaline rush, and sheer excitement. It is not confirmed if it is only luck, or only skill, or both that is required for winning. But, some gamblers surely display their love and passion for the game by inscribing it on their body in the form of art, that is tattoos. 

Tattoos reflect an expression of individualism. It is noticeable that professional gamblers inscribe one or more tattoos on their bodies to reflect their love and passion for the game, personality traits, and achievements. 

Both tattoo enthusiasts and gamblers gain their excitement by attaining risks, and what seems better is when both the risky outcomes mingle. In the arena of gambling, tattoos have a domitable significance, since it can really be intimidating to see someone with a poker, Lady-Luck tattoos, etc. In general, it points out that the respective person has spent quite some time thinking about the game, possibilities, and outcomes. 

Some of the famous gamblers identify themselves as tattoo lovers and express themselves in this form of body love. With help of NonGamStopBets that offers no GamStop no deposit bonuses for UK players, we found famous people and described their tattoos. These famous gamblers are not very successful in the gambling arena, but they also carry with them an excellent taste of tattoos. Very often, their tattoos also become a trend among their fans, who try their best to emulate their favourite stars. 

Famous Gamblers, and Their Tattoos


Nelly’s tattoos are as amazing as his rapping skills. This famous American rapper has been a successful artist for quite some time, both as a solo performer and as a part of a group known as St. Louis rap group St. Lunatics. Nelly’s love for poker has not remained hidden, since this cool personality has been associated with it for a long time. He proved his proficiency in the game by playing the ‘World Series of Poker. Fans have photographed him several times playing poker in the casinos of the USA.

His love for the game is further revealed by the poker gambling tattoos that he owns. The most interesting one is on the right shoulder, where his name, Nelly, is inscribed in cards. A dice is present towards the bottom which might voice the chances of the unforeseen future. Other of his cool tattoos include the name, ‘Moses’, on the right forearm, which reveals his superb leadership skills. A bloody heart tattoo is also present in the left portion of his chest, signifying emotions, love, and relationships

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is another famous Hollywood personality, who has starred in hit movies like Justice League, Armageddon, Suicide Squad, Runner Runner, etc. He portrayed his directorial proficiency in films like Gone Baby Gone. Besides his successful cinematic career, he is also known for his gambling pursuits. In 2004, he qualified for the ‘World Poker Tour’, which brought him a huge fortune of $356,400. But, due to some discrepancies, he got banned from several blackjack tables.

However, this actor, producer, screenwriter does not leave any opportunity to express his love for the game. One of his most prominent tattoos is the phoenix, which might reveal his nature to be reborn from the ashes every time, after his adversity. Fans found his dolphin tattoo in the lower back very appealing too. He also showed off his ‘OV’ tattoo on his shoulder blade, and a cross surrounded with flowers in his left forearm, which might reveal pain and pleasure. 

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior

Neymar is world-famous for his achievement in the arena of football. This Brazilian pro footballer has earned the reputation of being one of the best footballers in the world, winning the title of ‘South American Footballer of the Year’ twice. Besides being known as the ‘second-highest goalscorer’ in his team, he is also known as an ambassador for PokerStars, which is an excellent casino for online poker, sports betting, and various other casino games. Fans have spotted him at various freeroll, and other poker tournaments.

Neymar’s love for tattoos has not remained hidden, since the star has taken Instagram by storm several times by showcasing his tattoos, which are 46 in total. The most popular one is the rose on his left hand, displaying his love and passion. He also has a fierce black-white tiger tattoo, in his left hand, Fans have appreciated his 2016 Brazil tattoo too. His left shoulder has a diamond tattoo, with ‘Sorella’ inked, which is a pair tattoo with his sister. Other cool tattoos include his son’s birth date, ‘Blessed’ tattoo, queen’s crown, showing his love for his partner, portraits of his mother, and sister, ‘Birds and Words’ tattoo, etc.


It seems that the love for tattoos among these famous, professional gamblers seems unending. Several famous gamblers in Hollywood like Brad Pitt, Paris Hilton have displayed their passion for tattoos on several occasions. Express the love of gambling in a cool way with the preferred tattoo art.