Top 5 Playing Card & Poker Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos are indeed the most trending tattoo ideas at present. Starting from teen to elder, everyone loves getting inked on the body. However, people want things to be as explicit as possible. Specifically, playing card and poker fans want this to be unique.

On the other hand, bringing uniqueness is indeed a challenging aspect for poker and playing card fans. Nothing is to worry about. Though; in this context, provided below are the most trending playing card and poker tattoo ideas one may opt for.

1. Coins And Cards

This is indeed one of the finest examples that one can go with. The best part is that the idea is simplistic and catching at the same time. However, the trickiest part about the theme is its size. One needs to be smart in this regard.

Specifically, one needs to decide about the size by the size of the body. It may appear a bit too large for those with lanky figures. The best recommendation will be to keep the coins ahead of the cards for the best effect.

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2. Joker

Joker is the most significant card in any of the card-based games. Hence, flaunting the same is the coolest thing that one can do in this regard. However, one doesn’t need to be too fanciful on this matter with queens and all.

Instead, keeping it simple, very much as a regular joker card, would be the best option. One may make it a bit colourful, though, for the best effect.

3. Deck Cards

Deck Cards

If you are someone of the contemporary era or someone of the Playamo generation will definitely like this design. Well, those who are not aware of what Playamo is may click on the link: to explore more. 

Anyway, an exciting aspect of the theme is that it is both contemporary and classic at the same time. Additionally, it can look good both in a black and white shade and in vivid form. All that one needs is to ensure that the designer is smart enough and experienced enough to improvise.

4. King At The Centre And Hearts round

This is one of the royalist ideas of inking the body as a playing card enthusiast. The tattoo idea needs the precision of the highest level. One doesn’t need a super brain to understand this aspect, as it is evident through the King’s card design.

Things can be more challenging, though, for those who want to combine with the hearts around. However, this combination makes it look super enchanting.

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5. Dices And A Babe

Those looking for a cool tattoo idea can undoubtedly opt for the same. The best part, this is the easiest on the list, yet quite popular. There is absolutely no effort needed for inking the dice. It means all effort is required for inking the babe in the hottest possible fashion.

However, what makes it cool is that the dies deliver the simplistic appeal, and the babes provide the bold aspect, which all together bring the flawless combination.

So, these are the top five options for you. We hope this article helped. If this article is useful for you in any manner, then do share it on social media. Please stay connected with us for such informative content.