Tom Daley and Harry Styles Tattoos

A tattoo used to be a sign of a rebel, a piece of body art only seen on rock stars, punks and the like. However, it has become so acceptable to have a tattoo in recent years that it’s almost commonplace.

Tattoos are popular with men and women alike, with the option to have a tattoo on virtually any part of the anatomy. From the jar of Vegemite tattooed on Miley’s Cyrus’ arm to the inner lip tattoo on Kesha, there are plenty of celebrity styles to check out. So much so, that arguably, there are no bad tattoos with so much meaning attached to them by the individual.

Two famous people are well-known for their tattoos for entirely different reasons: Harry Styles and Tom Daley. Here’s a closer look at their body ink and what it means.

Tom Daley

Emerging from the junior ranks, Tom Daley was one of the youngest athletes ever to compete for Team GB. Aged just 14, he competed on the international stage in diving, becoming an international champion at 15 years of age.

Daley has a big following and, over the years, has proven to be a big favourite of the fans. Not only has the nation watched Daley grow up to be a very successful adult athlete, but they’ve also seen him experience real heartbreak. Daley’s dad would be in the crowd at every competition, travelling to all the events with his son. Sadly he was diagnosed with a brain tumour and died just after Daley’s 17th birthday.

This meant that Daley’s dad missed out on seeing his son become an Olympian in London 2012, where he won a bronze medal. Daley won another bronze in 2016 before capturing the elusive gold medal at the delayed 2020 Olympics in Japan.

Getting an Olympic medal was a life dream for Daley, and to celebrate his achievement, he got a tattoo of the Olympic Rings on the inside of his bicep. On Daley’s Instagram, the Olympic tattoo can clearly be seen on many photos, and it’s a piece of body art that the diver is obviously proud to show off.

During the 2021 Olympics, the sight of Tom Daley knitting, much like other celebrities almost detracted from his achievements. The diver has a separate Instagram account dedicated to his woolly creations, which he sells off for charity.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles’ media image couldn’t be more different to Tom Daley. Initially, a member of the hit boy band One Direction, Harry Styles has since struck out on his own and enjoyed phenomenal success as a solo artist.

Arguably the most famous of all the ex-One Direction band members, Harry Styles is as well-known for his quirky fashion sense as his musical talent. Unafraid to break with convention, Style has been credited with breaking down barriers in gendered fashion.

But although he may have hit the headlines for wearing a pearl necklace and carrying a man-bag, he’s just as in touch with his masculine side as his feminine. He has no fewer than 56 tattoos all over his body, a tally that keeps on increasing.

There are too many to list here, but the 17 Black tattoo that Styles has just below his clavicle is one of the most often discussed. Initially rumoured to be a tribute to the bet made by James Bond in Diamonds Are Forever, it’s now thought to be a reference to a losing bet Styles made in Australia. Maybe next time he can visit a licensed online casino, where there are usually more games and betting opportunities, together with responsible gaming safeguards to help players have a positive betting experience.

There’s a whole host of other tattoos all over Styles’ body, including fern leaves, his sister’s name, his mum’s initial, sailing ships, swallows, a naked mermaid, a skeleton, the Bible and a black heart – to name just a few.

Styles is notoriously tight-lipped over the meaning of his tattoos, but fans love to check out what ink he has and to debate what they could mean. And with 56 pieces to choose from so far, there are lots to talk about!