Tips to styling the cuff earring in 2024

An ear-cuff is an ear decoration that is worn on one ear and placed on the outer edge of your ear. If you’re looking for unique earrings, ear cuffs are now the go-to statement jewelry. The number of people wearing ear cuffs and mothers ring is currently on the rise when it comes to ear jewelry and body jewelry online fashion trends. A cuff earring can be worn with different clothing combinations and on any occasion. From a formal dinner to a casual date night, these earrings can fit into everything. They are available in various fashion accessories stores in diverse forms and a variety of designs and themes.  

There is a high similarity between cuff earrings with hairpins. These fantastic earrings can be worn in many ways different from the conventional look and still bring out a sense of style and fashion to your overall look. You have plenty of choices and types to choose from which include simple classy, gold cuffs, gothic ear cuffs, etc. If you’re considering adding ear cuffs as alternative jewelry, here’s how to wear them and a few tips to styling the cuff earring in 2021.

How to wear ear cuffs

If you’re a first-timer, putting on an ear can be difficult. You first need to adjust its size to get it over your ear. Hold the ends and pull them slightly apart slightly to expand them a bit. Pull your ear taught and slip the ear cuff over the thinnest part of the ear cartilage, on your ear.

Slide the ear cuff from the thinnest part towards the inner ear until it’s in a position that fits, looks good, and feels comfortable. Finally, press together the two ends to secure it in position. The ear cuff should not come out loose when you try pulling it out. But, avoid pressing the ends too tightly.

Styling ear cuffs

Consider the size

The size of cuff earrings will determine how you wear them and influences your personal style. You might prefer a larger ear cuff when you want to stand out. But, a smaller cuff is ideal for a casual and comfortable look. A smaller cuff also looks good if you are wearing more than one ear cuff.

Mix & match style

Ear cuffs are quite common in modern fashion trends. Their versatility allows them to be worn in modern goth fashion. It’s also possible to wear mismatched earrings on one ear and still come out stunning.

If you’re trying to figure out where to buy body jewelry that you can add to your fashion jewelry sets, ear cuffs are definitely a go-to option. They can be mixed and matched with other accessories like a chain necklace, cyberpunk clothing for a gothic look, and even huggie earrings.

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