Thoughtful Wedding Gifts For Parents You May Not Have Thought of Before

Your parents have always been with you through every important milestone. They have celebrated your achievements as if they were their own and even loved you through the failures.

This is why they deserve a special wedding gift from you. Something that says “thank you” and “I love you”, all at the same time. Well, look no further than our thoughtful and unique wedding gift ideas: 

1. Embroidered handkerchiefs

Understandably, this does not automatically come to the top of the head when thinking about gift ideas. In fact, handkerchiefs are rarely associated with gifts. But did you know that an embroidered handkerchief can communicate love and appreciation for your parents in a unique way?

Include their names and a hearty message so they will think of you whenever they carry the handkerchiefs.

Needless to say, the handkerchiefs may also come in handy when your parents are reciting their vows. You know that it will be hard to hold back the waterworks.

2. A memory book

The number of memories that you have had with your parents is priceless. You may have run into their arms for comfort when you experienced your first heartbreak, held their hands during your graduation, or even shared a special moment during your wedding reception.

No matter the memories, there is no better way to revisit them than through a memory book. As years go by and your parents get older, they may not remember most defining moments as they did when they were younger.

As such, a memory book will always serve the purpose and show them how much you treasure the memories that you have shared with them.

3. A home portrait

Portraits are always considered a decorative element that is purchased at any time; it does not have to be acquired during a special occasion. But how about changing the rules and getting your parents a wedding portrait that they will never want to take down?

Forget about random artsy pictures- you can make the portrait more personal by including the street where your dad taught you to ride your first bike or the chair you always sat on, waiting for your parents to come home in the evenings.

Such home portraits are meaningful, unforgettable and they are the sweetest way to appreciate your parents.

4. A meaningful ornament

Your parents are never too old to receive a set of diamonds or a gold watch. Classic jewelry is always the best way to say thank you. Better yet, you can choose to upgrade your parents’ wedding rings or buy them a special new set.

There are a lot of different approaches when it comes to jewelry. There is a wide range of selection and customization options. Therefore, you can go with the kind that showcases your parents’ style and personalities.

5. Customized throw pillows

Yes, you read that right! A couple of customized throw pillows will not only uplift the decor in your parents’ living room but will also send across the sweetest love and appreciation messages.

Stitching words like “I love you” and “ I appreciate your sacrifices” or “ you are the best parents ever” onto the throw pillows will always put a smile on their faces. Your parents will always be reminded of your love and gratitude whenever they see the pillows.

6. Fancy cookware

Let’s face it! As we age, cooking becomes more of a chore than the excitement that it was when we were a little bit younger. As such, we need efficient tools that will make work easier in the kitchen.

Enter fancy cookware!

By purchasing shiny pots and pans, and coupling them with modern gadgets like pressure cookers, rice steamers, grill pans, and an automatic tortilla maker amongst other gadgets, then you will tempt your parents into the kitchen.

They will not have to struggle lighting up the entire grill to get the steak going because the double grill pan has got it covered! This will make their time in the kitchen joyous and almost labor-free.

There you go! Thoughtful wedding gifts for parents you may not have thought of before! Granted, these gift ideas are one of a kind, but they are indeed special. They are also simple, heartfelt, and communicate your love and appreciation in the right way.

You may want to go for the most expensive gifts but in reality, it’s the little things that matter. In fact, your parents may appreciate an embroidered handkerchief more than they would dinner at the Four Seasons. You’ll never know their reaction till you try!