The devil is in the details – Elena Fedchenko

Tattoo artist Elena Fedchenko has traveled almost all over Europe. It was just a few years ago when Lena worked in a simple office building. We talked with her about why doing what you love is so important and what tattoos will be popular in the next few years. 

Elena Fedchenko
  • Lena, when did you realize that you wanted to end the office routine and become a tattoo artist? 

I had a nice well-paid job and one moment I realized that I was not having any fun. I decided to quit and then found out that my friend, a tattoo artist, was opening his own studio. He was the one who created my very first tattoo and now our paths crossed again and I decided that it was my time to give someone a tattoo. 

Flower Tattoo Back
  • Were you worried?

I can’t say it was some high level of stress. There was more excitement and a feeling of something new. In general, I think that some things in life should be treated less seriously. If you start to complicate everything on your own, it is very difficult to achieve the desired result afterward. And besides, I always loved to draw. I graduated from art school when I was a child and those five years were full of joy.

Flower Tattoo 2
  • How did you choose your own style? I know that every tattoo artist has a unique one. 

In the beginning, I was trying the style of my colleagues. It is very important to understand that the studio required all of these guys to be highly professional. In a competitive environment like that, you have to improve your skills one way or another. When my technical skills were sufficient I chose a new interesting direction for myself. It was botany and floral ornaments. I paid attention to the fact that many of my clients wanted those particular tattoos. Actually, this topic is always relevant, it will never go out of fashion. At the moment I am often asked to make tattoos with the image of poppies, for example.

  • Are you still working in the style of microrealism?

Yes, this is another direction that I really admire. In fact, these are small tattoos, but with a photographic level of detail. I am convinced that this style will also be popular for a long time. At least for the next couple of years. Tattoos will get smaller and more complex. Technology does not standstill. I’m constantly looking for trends, new equipment, and new tattoo approaches. It’s not only about the artistic component. There are other aspects of the profession: how to injure skin less, how to speed up the work without sacrificing quality etc. That’s why I’ve never gotten bored with this profession for so many years. I always see something new, a chance to grow up and learn something.   

Flower Tattoo 3
  • After all, not only do you give tattoos, but you have your own studio, is it right?

The story with my own studio started three years ago. I earned a certain amount of money, found some space to rent, bought equipment, and hired cool people. I was always open to cooperation, and if I saw that a person did something quite original and unusual, I offered them a job. But I believe that all projects live no longer than three years, so I had to say goodbye to the studio. It was a really great experience.

Flower Tattoo Leg
  • Do you always manage to find a common language with a brand new client?

I’ve been working in the industry for quite a long time and it’s easy for me to get on the right side of any client. I know what words to say if they are worried or have doubts. Of course, it is very important not to push and I never do that. I believe that there is a special bond between an artist and a client, you just need time. Also, it’s very important to understand what emotional state you are in right now. For example, when I am stressed, tense clients come to me. If I feel on top of the world, strong and confident personalities show up. Anyway, this is how it works for me. You attract a certain audience and you feel attracted to certain people too.

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