Tattoos with Cards: What To Choose?

Tattoos are a massive hit among people of all ages, from teens to adults. One can get their favourite motifs inked on them with ease. Ranging from minimalist tattoos to ornate ink patterns, tattoo enthusiasts can choose from a variety of options. The most common tattoo ideas include butterflies, tiny flowers and cosmic patterns, an elegant dragon, hearts, and wings, with minimalist animal outlines and paws being the new trend amongst the youngsters. 

People also look for tattoos that represent their hobbies and their personalities. Some of them enjoy playing at international online casino sites or gambling operators only in their region. The card symbols are popular tattoo ideas as all of them symbolize different qualities. If you love gambling and want to try out new tattoo ideas, you can check out this list and choose your favourite card tattoos!

Minimalist Card Symbol

If you are confused or unsure of what tattoo to get, you can go for a simple outline of a basic card symbol, like diamonds or hearts. The tattoo will look both chic and fit in with any outfit you like. The simple design is also perfect for you if you do not like complicated or intricate patterns. You can also go for small spades, hearts or numbers without any outline to adorn your body, these are both cute and involve a more painless process. 

Coloured Card Symbol

You can break out of the old-school black and reds and go for a multicoloured, vibrant card pattern. The colourful card symbol is both unique and attractive and is perfect for those who desire a quirky and cheeky tattoo to adorn their body. 

King and Queen Card Symbol

The King and Queen card symbols are popular card tattoos that look elegant, royal and suit the poker players. The intricate designs and the inscribed characters are your go-to if you love luxurious tattoos with rich colours and patterns. The King and Queen symbols also represent power and beauty and thus a great choice for you. 

Tarot Card Symbol

Tarot cards have pleasant pictures which tell a story and are mostly used for fortune-telling. People also put symbolic emphasis on tarot reading and they are considered as a good luck charm, especially cards like the world, the sun, moon, and star. You can also go for the devil and hanged man tarot symbols if you find the gothic motifs alluring. Tarot symbols are allusive to gnostic symbolism and a good choice if you like story-telling through pictures.

Ace Card Symbol

If you like risky games, big wins, and are an ambitious player, you should definitely get the ace card tattoo. The ace has the highest value among the card decks and is synonymous with the number one, representative of the top position. You can pair the ace symbol with other motifs like roses and skulls to get an exemplary tattoo.

Intricate Body Tattoo with Multiple Card Symbol

You may like more complex and detailed tattoos covering more of your body like arms or chest. In that case, you can opt for multifaceted motifs involving more than one card symbol along with other gambling motifs like dice, tiny coin outlines, chips, and non-gambling ornate patterns. You can flaunt these tattoos as they are both fashionable and appealing.

Flowers with Card Symbol

There is nothing that goes better with cards than flower emblems or patterns in tattoos, especially roses and intensely coloured flowers like china roses, tulips, lavenders. You can pair up your card symbol with an elegant bunch of flowers to magnify the beauty of your tattoo. You can also get flowers that are your favourites or which have definite meanings behind them to make your tattoo more special. 

Anime with Card Symbol

Anime is in vogue amongst people of all ages and if you are an anime watcher apart from being a gambling lover, you can couple iconic anime characters with your chosen card symbols. You may also get images linked from gambling animes to emphasize your fondness for gambling.

Skulls and Flames with Card Symbol 

The skull motif has always been used with aces, spades, and kings and represents a dark yet sombre theme of death and destruction but in current days they are used as fun and quirky symbols to accompany other ones. You can get tattoos with a motley of colours instead of the traditional black and white to get a quirky outlook. Apart from skulls, flame patterns also accompany skull motifs and card motifs and are as favourable as them. If a skull theme is heavy for you, you can opt for a flamboyant flame design with card symbols. 

Abstract Card Symbol

If you want to be completely out-of-the-box and opt for something non-mainstream, you should choose abstract, non-graphical card symbol patterns. The abstract pattern incorporates the well-known card symbols with unrelated designs and forms a completely new pattern with them, like an animal or an object. If you want to make your gambling hobby look more symbolic, you must go for abstract designs.


Card tattoos have a lot more variations than one can possibly confine in a list. If you love such games as poker then it could be a good idea to get your first tattoo connected with your hobby.  It is up to you to decide which card represents you the best or which one has a special meaning for you. This list gives you a brief insight into what you may be looking for so go ahead and try out some alluring tattoo ideas that fit your tastes.