Do tattoos have an impact on your dating perspectives over the years?

Tattoos exist for thousands of years, but perception about them changes with time. They used to be a sign of belonging, status symbols, and a way to show dominance. Those are all reasons for tattooing today as well. Still, in the modern world, things are a bit more complicated. Society today is more complex than ever before, so everybody should think twice before adding some ink under their skin. We’ll focus on tattoos to determine if having a tattoo helps to get dates as we get older.

How do older people perceive potential partners with tattoos?

It would be a big mistake to generalize about tattoos and how older people perceive them. Everybody is different; people get tattooed for various reasons. Because of that, it’s difficult to determine how older people perceive singles with tattoos in general. Some may think that having a tattoo means a person used to be wild in the past. So they may avoid them. Or the opposite. That may attract them because having a tattoo can signal that a person has a lot of experience. Luckily, legit chat mature platforms have tattoos as filters, so it’s easy to hide singles without them (or find those with ink under their skin). Still, that doesn’t mean seniors should riot tattoo studios and cover themselves with ink to attract potential partners. 

Does a good tattoo make you look hotter at any age?

How people view inked men is visible from the study by Polish researchers Andrzej Galbarczyk and Anna Ziomkiewicz. They’ve shown the pictures of the same men with and without tattoos (added by Photoshop) to many people. Both men and women had similar opinions about tattooed men. Models with tattoos got described as healthier than their versions without any ink. They are also viewed as more masculine, dominant, and aggressive. But women didn’t say that tattoos made men more attractive. Some stated that men with tattoos don’t seem trustworthy when it comes to starting a family. Because of the (perceived) aggressiveness, women think that men with tattoos don’t make good fathers. Of course, that isn’t a rule, but it shows how most people view singles with tattoos.

That perception doesn’t change with time which means having a good tattoo can help get dates at any age. Making contact with the right people (those who are into tattoos) is crucial there. In that case, that will make a person hotter. But it won’t hurt even if potential partners don’t have an opinion about tattoos as long as they don’t connect tattooed people with some trauma from the past.

Other reasons behind making tattoos

People make tattoos for different reasons. Although most people think their reason for adding ink to their skin is unique, that’s not true. Personal motives may differ, but in the end, most of us go under the needle for similar reasons. Statistics about reasons for having a tattoo showed that Americans make tattoos because of the following reasons:

  • honoring their loved ones – 43%
  • to be more attractive and add to their style – 37%
  • to symbol a new chapter in their lives – 34% 
  • for self-identification – 29%
  • to remember a certain place or event (usually done while traveling) – 27%

*Those are the top 5 reasons that most people in a survey marked. People could choose more than one answer, but it still proves that most people ink themselves for similar reasons.

Can it be a problem when you’re over 40 and searching for love?

Tattoos are still connected with some misconceptions. However, the number of people who judge others because they’re tattooed is decreasing each year. It was difficult for tattooed people to find jobs in the past, but studies proved that a tattoo doesn’t affect personality negatively.

The same goes for love seeking, even for tattooed singles over 40. Having a tattoo doesn’t decrease attractiveness in the eyes of most seniors. Again, that depends on each person, but on average, having a tattoo won’t cause you problems when looking for a relationship.

What is the best age to get yourself a tattoo and not regret it?

We all change with time, so it can happen that tattoos that used to be great become unbearably awful. That usually happens with tattoos done for wrong reasons when people are barely adults. Luckily, there are numerous ways to remove tattoos. Some of them don’t hurt at all. But better safe than sorry, so getting a tattoo when you’re a bit more mature is a wise thing to do. Your personality is less likely to change (a lot) when you’re older. That means you’re less likely to choose a dumb tattoo that will embarrass you until you remove or cover it.

The general opinion about tattoos is becoming better as tattoos gain in popularity. Thanks to that, inked people have more chances to find dates with every new day.