What tattoos bring good luck? Symbols of success and wealth

There are several ways you can attract good luck. The first is to register at Malta casinos not on GamStop and try to play slot machines with spinning reels. The other is to use special amulets, charms, symbols, and drawings that will increase motivation and faith in yourself, and help get out of a difficult situation a winner. This is also one of the ways to keep a magical symbol with you at all times, something people who tie their lives to gambling, where risk and luck are essential ingredients for success, take advantage of. In this article, let’s talk about the most common tattoos that lead the wearer to prosperity and wealth; the most popular ones at the moment are:

  • horseshoe
  • ladybird
  • four-leaf clover
  • wheel of fortune
  • Maneki Neko cat.

Let’s give each tattoo some attention. It is worth remembering that mobile casino not on GamStop works around the clock, and you can play not only from your PC but also with a mobile application; the program is simply downloaded and installed. It is recommended that you only go to salons where the craftsmen work in a sterile environment; safety should always be paramount. It is recommended to consider more options so that the choice is the most thoughtful and weighted. The tattoo should be liked first of all by the owner because the opinion of others and fashion is a temporary phenomenon, which should not be particularly relied on. 


As far back as the Middle Ages, it was believed that if a man found a horseshoe in the street, he would be lucky today. Even wealthy people stopped their carriages to go out and pick up a horseshoe thrown by someone else. In some nations, this object was hung over the front door. Spotting a “horseshoe” was considered a good sign, and if the bent metal plate fell down – it was generally considered a harbinger of great success. A horseshoe is a good idea for a tattoo: you can place it prominently, on the back of your thigh or your shin, or on the shoulder on the back side – there are many options. The horseshoe can be depicted in different ways: it is a monotonous drawing, colored, and with the addition of other elements. You can also put different gemstones such as emeralds or rubies.


This pretty little ladybug is perfect for a girl who wants to be successful, wealthy, and happy. The specifics of the image are that the back of the ladybird is red with black dots, and if you apply the tattoo in a prominent place such as the neck, not all elements of the wardrobe will fit the lady. That is why it is best to put these symbols in places that can be closed if necessary, such as on the shoulder or the outside of the thigh. The number of dots affects the meaning and good luck will come from a beetle that has 7 black dots on its back. It happens to be considered a lucky number. Men get these tattoos less often. It is believed that the more cranes on the body, the better, but everywhere you need to know the measure.

Four-leaf clover

Clover with four petals is considered a rarity, as the standard flower has only three. It is believed that if you eat such a flower, something will work out for the better today. Clover images are also considered lucky; the plant also brings wealth if you pay homage to the symbol and revere it. Researchers believe this magical tradition originated in Ireland, but it’s also found in Eastern countries. The clover tattoo is a great choice as there is a huge range of options, with each catalog offering something to suit your taste. The color can be chosen at your discretion, but the classic is green: from light to dark.

Wheel of fortune

Fortune is the ancient goddess of luck and female happiness, so this sign is suitable primarily for girls seeking wealth and prosperity. Men, too, often get this tattoo because it is the simplest of all: even a novice craftsman can cope with such an image. Despite the simplicity of the design, the symbol has a lot of small details, and each of them has its meaning. Professional card players often inscribe a wheel on their hands so they can touch it at a crucial moment. And, surprisingly, it often works.

Maneki Neko’s cat

The most elaborate tattoo, but also the most fashionable and modern. Came to us this lovely cat from Japan, where it is made of clay and put in a prominent place in the house, with the left leg raised – it means that there will be many good guests. If the right paw is up, the wearer will be fortunate and rich. There are more and more Maneki Neko tattoos, and they are very beautiful, but difficult to perform. You’ll have to put up with it for hours until the design is ready. Perfect for lovers of Oriental exotica.

To sum up

Many symbols bring good fortune and wealth. Some of them work instantly (like a horseshoe), while others need to accompany the wearer for many years (like Maneki Neko’s cat) for the results to be felt. It is up to each individual to decide which type of magical action to take. Getting a tattoo of one of the suggested symbols is a great idea, but one should always remember about sterility and safety. You should warn the master if there are any doctor’s contraindications.