Considerations Regarding Tattoos for Gay Couples

So you’re a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and have decided to get a tattoo. And not any tattoo but matching tattoos with your significant other. Well, it’s the moment to prepare because there are several things you need to take into consideration before getting inked.

You shouldn’t regret it. It’s pretty permanent unless you wish to spend a whole lot of money and suffer through great pain to get it removed. Let’s see what gay couples should think about before getting tattoos done.

Take Cues from the Circumstances When You First Met

If it’s a couple’s tattoo, it needs to be something special to just the two of you. And it needs to be very special if you are going to be looking at it every single day for the rest of your lives. In some ways, it’s actually more meaningful and permanent than marriage.

When choosing what ink to get done, you should consider important moments in your relationships. You could recall when you first met, your first date, the moment you knew you were in love, or any other crucial moment of your relationship.

When you first met is probably the most important moment (especially if you are getting several tattoos together, this is the one you should start with). Remember how you met, how you felt, where you were, music, decor, people, everything, and see if anything that could work comes to mind. Whether it was gay dating online, traditional dating game, or anything else – it would leave an emotional mark and would probably have an even stronger empathic impact than anything else.

Make Sure It Is Not a Brief Fling

If you’re pretty close to the beginning of your relationship, you need to make sure that it’s not a fling and that you two are going to go the distance and be together for a very long period. If it’s only a summer romance, then you shouldn’t risk getting a tattoo together.

Assuming that, like the majority of gay couples nowadays you met on a dating site, you can get a tattoo to celebrate your relationship, but when you know, it’s serious.

If you decided to a hookup and liked them enough to see them for breakfast a couple of times and sleep together some more, it doesn’t mean that you are ready for this step.

Flings are flings, and true love is entirely different. Discuss and see if you both feel the same way and see if you see this relationship having a real future.

Discuss Ideas with a Reliable Tattoo Artist

In the same way, it’s important to find the right person to get couples tattoos with; it’s important to find the right tattoo artist. There are many ideas for tattoos for couples, but not all are equally classy and beautiful, and some might not look great after a while or be hard to execute.

You need to find a reliable tattoo artist who is very skilled and discuss your ideas and his and see if you can find the perfect option, something that will be beautiful even years from now.

Choose Your Perfect Design

You can choose something one of you draws, something a friend draws for you with both of you in mind, something you’ve seen online, or even one of the top LGBT tattoos.

You should definitely sleep on this and only get tattooed when you are both certain that this is what you desire. You must pick the perfect design and the perfect place on your body. And also, get it done either simultaneously or by the same artist.

You could get the same tattoo or different ones that form a whole. There are many ideas to take into consideration.

Provide Proper Care for Your Tattoo

Aftercare is super important for tattoos. If you don’t carefully clean it and put ointment or cream on it, and if you pick at the scabs, you can get an infection, ruin the tattoo, or suffer through another painful session to get it redone.

You need to talk to your tattoo artist as he/she will provide you with all the necessary details on how to best care for it. And you need to 100% follow the guidelines to ensure that it looks great and feels great.


Tattoos for gay couples are a great idea in theory, but you need to consider them thoroughly. Like you don’t take everyone you meet on online dating websites to meet your parents, you shouldn’t get any guy to get a couple’s tattoo with you.

Tattoos are a lot like online dating websites. Some are perfect when you are alone and don’t desire anything serious; others are forever. Semi-permanent ones are good for now, but permanent ones must be considered thoroughly.