Tattoo Ink Poisoning – Its Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

Well, inking design, graphics, and the name of your loved ones are some of the latest trends. Almost every person these days is inking their bodies to look cool. But what many people don’t know that the tattoos can kill you! Yes, you are reading it right.

Tattoo ink poisoning is a type of reaction that affects your body seriously. Well, many of you would not believe it seriously. So, this article will explain to you all about Tattoo ink poisoning.

What Is Tattoo Ink Poisoning?

What Is Tattoo Ink Poisoning

Have you ever noticed discoloration of the tattoos that you have inked? Have you ever seen an allergy type of skin reaction surrounding your skin? Well, inking tattoos in the past had a bad impression. Tattoos were always famous for poor hygiene and infections in the past.

However, today the technology has changed. People are now inking tattoos with the most advanced technology and following all the precautions. But still, people are getting affected by infections and poisoning. So, what exactly is tattoo ink poisoning?

Tattoo ink poisoning is a type of infection that is caused due to dirty needles or any other type of equipment associated with inking. Every time a tattoo ink artist uses equipment they must sterilize it to avoid reactions or infections.

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However, besides needles and equipment, the ink components also play a vital role in your infections. It is because; ink also includes harmful substances that can cause reactions in your body.

Many tattoo ink artists argue that ink can never cause infections. This is because; tattoo ink never reaches your blood. But as per the European scientists, the ink in your tattoo reaches the lymph of your blood. So, this can make it worse if you have allergies to ink or certain substances.

Further, many contaminants in the tattoo ink can harm your body. It includes nickel, chromium, manganese, cobalt, lead, and many more harmful substances. So, these contaminants in your blood can create oxidative stress. And you can have inflammation in your body.

The worst part is these toxic substances in ink can even damage your cells. And eventually, you will develop cancer. So, this is why many tattoo inking enthusiasts develop an infection in their bodies. Now that you know what tattoo ink poisoning is, you should also know about its symptoms.

Symptoms Of Tattoo Ink Poisoning

Symptoms Of Tattoo Ink Poisoning

Well, ink poisoning has many symptoms. And all of these symptoms are somehow similar to reactions/ allergies. If your body has allergies to the ink, then you will find allergic/skin rashes around your tattoo or in some other part of your body. So, if you find any such reactions in your body, you must get your swab test done under your arms.

However, the allergies show up in a few minutes after inking the tattoo. So, if you find any reaction, it is a symptom that your skin is not accepting the ink.

Further, the ink poisoning symptoms also vary on several types of inks used in your body. Nausea and vomiting after inking are the two most common symptoms of ink poisoning. There are certain events in which you can find printer ink ingested into your body.

If you find so, it can affect you. In the case of printer inks, you will develop a severe headache. And eventually, it will lead to nervous system damage.

However, apart from these identifiable symptoms, many other symptoms are hard to identify. That implies; you find it difficult to figure out whether these infections come from inking or any other element. In such cases, you see symptoms like pain, swelling, and rashes on your skin.

On the other hand, some contaminants in ink may create infections at a later stage. That means; you will not get an infection immediately after the inking. Instead, you will find it a week later.

For example, components like titanium oxide in ink lighten the shade. And you will discover inflammation much later.

In some cases, dry skin is another symptom of ink poisoning. You can find dry and hard skin around your tattoo. So, if you plan to ink your body, you must be aware of all these symptoms.

Treatment For Tattoo Ink Poisoning

Now that you know what tattoo ink poisoning symptoms are, what should you do if you find ink poisoning in your body? Well, most people go blank when they find allergies in their bodies. They completely lose their mind about what to do next. Keeping those allergies for long without treating them may harm your skin.

In the worst cases, it may also kill. So, the primary thing that you need to do after determining allergies in your body is to rush to a doctor. If you have your doctor, you must immediately call your doctor to your place. They will verify the intensity of the allergy and will offer you immediate medication.

However, in most cases, ink poisoning can create minor inflammation. In such cases, the doctor shall advise you to treat the elevations with ice. You can apply ice on the inflamed part of your skin to eliminate the reactions.

In most cases, all types of allergies develop in the first 24 hours after inking your tattoo. So, you have to stay cautious during the first 24 hours of your inking.

On the other hand, you should also inform your tattoo ink artist about the same. They can be aware and avoid using such inks that have contaminants. You can also take note of the ink’s brand name and determine the source with proper research.

In many cases, tattoo ink poisoning is usually an allergic reaction. It is not poisoning. However, there are chances that these allergies may return. So, you have to keep in touch with your doctor. And if you find any serious case of poisoning, you must treat it immediately by taking antibiotics as per doctors’ prescriptions.

How Can You Avoid Having Tattoo Ink Poisoning?

While saying it in general, tattoo inking is safe for your body. But if you are hypersensitive to many elements, you must do your homework. So, before inking your body, you must visit the tattoo artist studio and take note of the ink name, brand, and components that they are using.

After taking the note, you must take your own time to completely research the ink brand and its components. Further, you should also consult your doctors about the ink. They will offer you the best advice.

However, some tattoo artists mix and use their ink. So, you have to inquire about all the selected pigments. Find all the pros and cons of the pigment. Further, it is always better to have a conversation about the ink with the tattoo artist.

If you are hypersensitive to colors, you must tell the tattoo artists. They will come up with the best advice on whether you should tattoo or not.

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If you have any suspicion about your fitness, you must refrain from doing a tattoo. However, it would be best if you do not get stressed about getting ink poisoned. Tattoo ink poisoning is quite rare. And it is treatable with antibiotics. Thus, please get your tattoo inked with all the precautions. It will help you prepare yourself for all circumstances.


Keeping it short, this is all you should know about tattoo ink poisoning. However, it would be partisanship to say that inking your body is harmful. Or it always offers you allergies.

Instead, ink poisoning is very rare. So, it would be best if you ingest ink in your body with all the safety practices. This is the best way to ink a tattoo on your body.

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