Does Getting a Tattoo Have Any Effect on Getting into College?

Most people begin to discover their identity at teenage. They get influenced by friends, families, and society. The greatest influencers for teenagers are friends. One major influence on the young person is whether to get tattoos or not.

Immediately after high school, many students go for tattoos because their friends have or because they saw someone on media or in the streets who had tattoos. There have been ongoing discussions on whether tattoos can deny a student the chance to join college.

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Location on the body

The question of tattoo is a matter of discussion in the corporate, religious, education, and cultural sectors. People get tattoos on different parts of the body. Some get huge tattoos on their belly or the back. Unless you remove your clothes, no-one may ever notice that you have a tattoo.

The difference will come when you get the tattoo done on the lower parts of the hands and legs. If you put on a skirt, sleeveless, or short-sleeved shirt/blouse, the tattoo will be noticeable. Probably you should take time before you decide where you want the tattoo to be.

Type of tattoo

Some people get tattoos for fun or because they want to fit in with their group of friends. Some other tattoos have meaning and it may indicate the person belongs to a certain gang or sect.

Tattoos like dragons, serpents, ogres, and other types that can be scary or suggest adherence to a certain gang may give the student a negative image. There may not be official rules in the institutions of learning concerning tattoos, but the person interviewing you might hold a different opinion concerning them.

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Type of institution

There are different categories of institutions of learning. Some are affiliated with specific religious or cultural teachings. There are exclusive religious education institutions that only admit Christians, Muslims, Hindus, or Jews.

Considering that they are exclusively religious, they may have strict reservations about tattoos. To the institutions, tattoos display involvement with the dark side of life, delinquency, or criminalist behavior.

That said, other religious schools will be more relaxed on the issue. If you join a Catholic school, the administrators could be relaxed and not bother. However, charismatic schools may show deep concern. Maybe Muslim and Hindu schools might have their levels of reservations.

Public schools tend to be more liberal and do not really go into strict details on whether to have tattoos or not. Other private colleges without any religious affiliations might be more liberal than government colleges.

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The personality interviewing

People are free to have their own opinions regarding certain issues. The person interviewing you can be biased against you because of tattoos. The bias will be driven by several factors.

It could be that the person has previously had a negative experience with a person who had tattoos. Whenever they come across another person with tattoos, they remember the incident.

Another interviewer could have strong religious beliefs and background. If you get interviewed by them, they may likely deny you a chance in the college. When considering an individual’s opinion, everything boils down to what the person believes and their judgment.

Unfortunately, no one will tell you that they denied you a place on the campus because of your tattoo. Each one will have special reasons and you may never get a chance to investigate the actual reason. Maybe it would be better to wait until you join college because you never know who will interview you.


Tattoos are not a new phenomenon in society today. People have tattooed their bodies for several centuries. Today, art has evolved and tattoo enthusiasts are using technology to draw unique tattoos on any part of the body as the client desires. Society has not fully embraced art, mostly due to cultural and religious background. Also, the practice is common among the younger generation. It might take time before society fully accepts tattoos, but even today, most society members do not mind them.

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