Students’ Guide: How to Become A Tattoo Artist

Tattoos are becoming very popular these days and that has made a lot of people interested in being tattoo artists. However, many end up struggling to create a career out of this skill or even find mastering it extremely difficult.

Some people end up landing themselves in trouble on their journey to becoming successful tattoo artists when they practice on people. Also, when it comes to being a tattoo artist grasping the basics only won’t help you get that far, so we will give you a few vital tips.

Make sure that you are super-talented

To become a great tattoo artist, it is very important to have enough raw drawing talent and by that, we mean you would still draw well without any training. However, just being able to draw decently doesn’t mean that you are ready to start inking people because you will still need to hone your drawing skill.

There are many ways that you can use to hone your skills. For example, you can start by taking painting courses in the USA. Besides painting courses, you can hone your skills by learning drawing techniques from books or YouTube videos and learning from an experienced artist.

Create a portfolio

Once you’ve become great at drawing on paper, you can start showcasing your work by creating a portfolio that you can show to potential clients or employers. Before creating your portfolio, though, make sure that you understand the difference between this type of document and a resume.

For starters, a portfolio is longer than a resume as it has to detail everything that you can do, whereas a resume has to be brief. When creating your portfolio, it has to contain a table of contents, a personal statement with your goals, and an extensive outline of your skills and experience. Your portfolio needs to have samples of your work and any recommendations or awards you have received.

When it’s about an impressive portfolio, you also need to sure that your academic work is of top quality. If you need help, professional writers say that “get our famous essay help from Edubirdie.” And it makes sense to trust them with your thesis, dissertation, essays, term papers and coursework.

Become an apprentice

For those who don’t know what an apprenticeship entails nowadays here’s a brief description that will help you know what to expect when you sign up for one. The first thing you must know about being an apprentice is that you will learn a skill directly from someone who is established in a certain industry.

Another thing about modern-day apprenticeships is that chances of getting one for free are slim and most of the time, they can be costly. Since you will most likely have to pay for your apprenticeship, you will have to choose a professional you think you can learn the most from.

Get additional training and pre-license certification

Unfortunately, you won’t get your license straight after completing your apprenticeship, as you will still need a few certifications and further specialized training. This process may take a bit longer if you live in states where you tattoo artists need to learn about disease control and other basic healthcare procedures.

One of the most important certificates that you will need to get is a bloodborne pathogen certificate. Training for this certificate will help you prevent spreading diseases like Hepatitis C, HIV, and other infections from one client to the next.

Get licensed and get your own equipment

Now that you have the necessary skill, education and experience, you need to check the licensing requirements that apply in your state. The licensing requirements differ from state to state. For example, to get licensed in Iowa and Kansas, you will also need a high school diploma or GED.

After reading your state’s license requirements, all you will have to do is fill out a few and probably sit in for a formal exam. When you get licensed, you can then buy sterile needles, two tattoo guns, tubes, grips, an ultrasonic, ink cups, and cleaning supplies to start your career.

The bottom line

The most crucial thing about drawing tattoos is that you need to have a knack for drawing and then get the right education to hone your talent. After getting this education, you will still need to learn other aspects of this profession that will protect you and your clients. Getting the right equipment and bracing yourself for what will be required of you to get your license is also important as being passionate about your work.

Author’s Bio:

Emma Rundle is a career counselor working with college students to prepare them for offbeat career paths of their choice and ready them for future success. She also helps them with academic essays, term papers, thesis, and dissertations. In her free time, she watches comedy-dramas, loves cooking Chinese food, and takes Pilate classes.