Skin Candy Bloodline Tattoo Ink Review – Updated Review

Having a tattoo on your body is one of the coolest fashion trends that will never evade. No matter what age you are from, you will always have a craze for having a tattoo and most people do tattoos to express their ideas and feelings.

On the other hand, some people do tattoos to express love to their loved ones. They write the names of their loved ones in the form of a tattoo. However, in recent times, people are conscious of their health and it has also become a growing trend for many. People are now avoiding fast foods and other inorganic materials to enter into their bodies.

So, where does tattoo ink come from! Although tattoo inks are safe for your body, there are still people who think tattoo ink may be hazardous to their health. Well, if you think so, you might be wrong. All thanks to tattoo inks like skin candy bloodline! It is because the tattoo inks from skin candy blood are entirely vegan.

That implies, it doesn’t include any toxic/harmful component that can harm your skin. Now, you must be querying how vegan tattoo ink is more effective than traditional tattoo inks? Well, if you doubt Skin candy bloodline as your tattoo ink, this post will help you know its detailed review.

Skin Candy Bloodline Tattoo Ink Review

The Skin candy tattoo ink is also popularly known as a bloodline. It is a thick tattoo ink that is the most suitable ink for packing. However, this tattoo ink’s best part is that this USA-made tattoo ink is entirely vegan.

Yes! You are reading it right. All the components used in ink are vegan and come from plant products. So, there are no chances of any reactions in your skin. So, all the people whose bodies are reactive to an external component can use this tattoo ink. It will never affect your skin with any allergies.

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What’s Preeminent About Skin Candy Bloodline?

The most preeminent thing about this tattoo ink is, it is much thicker than any other inks. So, this ink is not only made to create an outline directly from the bottle adequately. The ink instead comes readily with black, and you have to dilute it. When you dilute this ink with distilled water in a 3:1 ratio, it turns out to be an excellent ink for making the outlines of your tattoo.

Further, this ink is also versatile. That implies you can get some excellent grey color out of it when you use a grey wash. Now coming back to the fact that it is a vegan ink, you will always find it safe to use. This is because the ink comes with components that include plant-based glycol, and this makes it one of the most suitable inks for making tattoos for people who have allergies.

So, if you are searching for a high-quality, non-toxic tattoo ink, then Skin candy bloodline is just the right ink for you. Now that you know all its preeminent qualities, you should also know about its disadvantages. So, the below portion of the post will let you know the Skin candy bloodline’s weaknesses.

Disadvantages Of Buying Skin Candy Bloodline Tattoo Ink

While searching the disadvantages of using this ink, or what awareness you must gain before using the ink, it is found that the ink doesn’t have any bad reviews or disadvantages. You can search the internet thoroughly, but you will find no stones unturned.

That implies there is not a single customer who is unhappy about the skin candy bloodline. However, there is one thing that may grasp your attention and that is the price. The ink comes with its own cost and being a vegan ink, it is slightly expensive compared to any other tattoo.

Now that you are clear about this Tattoo ink’s safety, you should also know some of the best-selling user’s choice tattoo ink from skin candy bloodline. So, here are few products from the Skin candy bloodline that you should not miss out on.

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Best Selling Inks From Skin Candy Bloodline

1. Skin Candy Tattoo Ink, All-Purpose Black,8oz

Skin Candy Tattoo Ink, All Purpose Black,8oz.

The all-purpose black 80z is one of the best-suitable inks from Skin candy Bloodline. The ink comes thicker and is all black tattoo ink. So, you can get a preeminent outline in your tattoo if you will use this ink. Further, the ink is tribal black that offers you a traditional look and it only groups with magnum needles. As it is a thicker ink, so it is recommended that you use it with distilled water.

You can dilute the ink in a 3:1 ratio to get the best outcome, and if you are using it as a shading ink, you can mix it as per your preference. So, if you want a thicker ink for outlining and shading purposes, this is one of the best inks.

2. Skin Candy-Bloodline Tattoo Ink Set Best 7 Selling Colors 1/2oz + Free 20 Stable Ink Caps Bundle

Skin Candy Bloodline Tattoo Ink Set Best 7 Selling Colors

This pack comes with a set of seven bloodline tattoo ink. It is a high-quality 0.5oz ink with colors like black, white, bell bottom blue, candy lime, red hot, iris mist, and canary yellow. This USA-manufactured color is also vibrant and lasts long without fading.

So, if you want a great range of tattoo inks, you can purchase a set of seven skin candy bloodline tattoo-ink. You will also be delighted to comprehend that this ink comes with 20 free ink cups. So, this can be an excellent choice for your inking purpose.

3. Kabuki Outlining Black by Skin Candy 4-oz Bottle Tattoo Ink

Kabuki Outlining Black By Skin Candy 4 Oz Bottle Tattoo Ink

This is another deep black ink that is most suitable for your outlining purpose. You can use it in your skin without having any types of allergies. Further, it lasts longer than two years. As it is Offering you a vibrant outline, this tattoo ink is also not so expensive. Further, as it is black, it can meet all your tattooing needs. So, you can also use it for shading purposes.

Kabuki Outlining Black by Skin Candy is one of the top-rated tattoo ink on all the leading shopping websites by hundreds of happy uses worldwide. The best tattoo articles also recommend this ink.

Is Buying Skin Candy Bloodline Worth It?

If you are more conscious of health and don’t want toxic components to enter your body, Skin candy is a great product. This USA-manufactured ink fulfills all your criteria. It is entirely vegan and doesn’t create any allergies in your body.

If you want vegan ink to enter your body, you must buy ink from the skin candy bloodline. It is entirely safe to use, as it comes with natural components.


Keeping it short, these are the overall impression of Skin candy Bloodline. This is an ink that can be used by everyone irrespective of their age and skin type and the vegan components make it even more preeminent. So, now that you are clear about the product, you can draw a better conclusion.

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