Should You Get a Tattoo for Your Couple?

Getting a tattoo with someone you’re dating is a contentious topic. After all, tattoos are forever, and that has given many people pause when it comes to getting inked. We’re going to weigh the pros and cons for you, so you will have a good idea of whether it’s worth the effort.

What if Your Date Doesn’t Approve Tattoos?

Before you even consider getting a tattoo with a romantic partner, you have to think about what would happen if you dated someone that did not appreciate tattoos at all. If that is something you worry about, then the best thing to do is purposefully find matches that appreciate ink. The Benaughty review shows that the site has people from all walks of life, including those that have hot ink. So, if you have tattoos, you’re bound to meet someone on such a dating site that appreciates the art form. You could easily use the filtering system online to discover someone that shares the same interests as you. Otherwise, you could meet people at tattoo conventions, shops, or other likely places.

Pro: You Can Get Matching Ink

A major pro that exists with regards to getting tattoos is that you can always get matching ink with your romantic partner. Nothing is better than getting a tattoo that you can share with your partner. Naturally, you will want to pick something that is important enough to both of you to get put on your skin forever. A great way to start thinking about topics is to look at what you have in common with each other. You could get a quote from your favorite movie or the symbol from the band that was playing when you two met at a concert. It’s often best to sit down and look through a large collection of different tattoo options with your partner so that you can both pick the one that works best for you.

Pro: You Can Get Something Meaningful to Honor Your Partnership

An important benefit of getting a tattoo with your romantic partner is that you can commemorate something significant in your relationship. Did you both have to deal with the loss of a loved one recently? Then you can honor them together and get tattoos that demonstrate your love. You might also consider getting a tattoo that describes how your relationship benefits both of you. For example, you could get a puzzle piece on you that shows how your partner is missing the puzzle in your life. Tattoos are incredibly versatile, and you can use words or symbolism to remind yourself and show others why you are so deeply connected to and in love with the person you’re romancing.

Cons: Compromising on Tattoos Leaves Both People Unhappy

A major theme that pervades the topic of tattoos for couples is that they need to compromise if they are getting one for or with their partner. The issue that comes with compromise is that both parties have to sign off on the tattoo before it is inked on their body. That could be a good way to ensure that you both feel represented in the idea of getting a tattoo, but it also means that you could end up with a tat that does not truly represent what you want. Whether that is something about your relationship or an artistic vision, compromise can leave you upset at the ultimate representation of the art on your body. That is why it’s a good idea to just go through with a tattoo idea of your own instead of getting input from others.

Cons: You Might Regret It

Lastly, you might end up regretting your tattoo if you base it around a relationship. People get tattoos that they regret all the time, and they feel that emotion for many reasons such as:

  • Changing personalities
  • Unskilled artists leaving poor ink on their body
  • Placement of the tattoo on their body

Yet, another reason people regret their tattoos is that they will forever have a reminder of their interaction with someone, and that relationship might have been fleeting. Nothing is worse than taking off your shirt to go swimming and having your former flame’s name on your skin for everyone to see. Although it might seem like a nice gesture at the time, you might regret your couple’s tattoo. Also, it’s a good rule of thumb to never get someone’s name on your body unless they’re related to you.

Getting a couple’s tattoo is a major decision, and it comes with benefits and drawbacks like any other decision. You can celebrate your relationship in a meaningful way with such a piece of art, and it could improve the feeling of unity in your partnership. Just remember that tattoos are semi-permanent and will require some effort to cover up or remove if you end up regretting the art.