Most Popular Tattoos With Casino Style

Many players believe that luck will eventually find them. Some wear talismans, amulets, and chips, while others dress in outfits inspired by winning games at the best online casinos. Others go even further, getting tattoos with gambling themes. In general, there are two types of tattoos in this category: images of play items and pictures that attract happiness.

First, let’s look at the first group. What are the meanings of the various symbols?


If you’re a gambler who also happens to be a believer, you should stop looking at photos of cards and their suits. Starting at ten, poker players like the picture of a pick-up, full house, or straight. There are a lot of possibilities here; just don’t go overboard. The depiction of billiard balls, cards, dice, and chips in one sketch, on the other hand, is excessive. Happiness can become perplexed and flee from you.


Dice are a common sighting in the body of ardent gamblers. What matters is the combination that appears on them. There must be seven of them in most circumstances, but not always!


Although the Joker is directly tied to the cards, this symbol has developed additional meaning due to the impact of a popular hero – a villain who opposes Batman. Gamblers should use the Joker picture with caution. This symbol prefers to emphasize risk-taking behavior and character unpredictability. The image of the Joker, or humor, is associated with card fraudsters in Russia, and it is also popular with fraudulent women. And, while attitudes about the Joker have lately shifted as a result of the aforementioned hero from the Batman comic book, having such a tattoo in such a visible location puts you at danger of not being understood.


Different numbers are expected to give good luck in many cultures. For example, the Maya tribe believes that the number 13 brings good luck because it is the most complete and harmonious number, yet 13 is regarded as terrible in modern European civilization. Triskaidekaphobia, or phobia of the number 13, is a real illness. The Chinese believe that the numbers 6, 8, and 9 will bring happiness, whereas the West has chosen the number 7 as the “lucky” number. Three weeks 777, next number 8, and finally number 13 to round off the first three weeks. These numbers are displayed independently at times, and in groups with other symbols at other times. The billiard ball with an eight on it is particularly popular among players. Otherwise, the players can be contradictory: they frequently use the number 13 or the black cat, a well-known emblem of failure. These images are meant to scare away malevolent spirits.


Clover representations with four leaves are found with varying degrees of probability depending on the kind of clover. The odds of finding such a sample amid ordinary clover leaves, according to specialists, are 10,000 to 1. As a result, it is said that others are not given the opportunity to uncover such a leaf, despite the fact that it is a huge success. In fact, if a player successfully received a card, the amount at stake is reduced. Another well-known sign of happiness and success, the horseshoe, is also very popular. Her image should be created in such a way that it functions as a vessel for accumulating all positive energy. If you turn it around, the problem will go away quickly.


Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular among current gamers, and they are even gaining cult status: players assign unique meaning to symbols on their bodies. Daniel Negreanu, a world-class professional player, is so captivating and beloved by his fans that some have started tattooing autographs of celebrities on their body. So, in 2014, a fan had a tattoo of Negreanu’s signature on his lower back. A Norwegian fan of the player acquired an autographed tattoo on his left leg two years later. Initially, the leg was merely adorned with a Negreanu artwork, but later additions included a gold WSOP bracelet and a dozen sticks with seven spades. For a long time, casinos and poker events have not been considered premium entertainment. Among today’s card players, there are no specific dress codes or norms of behavior. Many celebrities at large events dress casually, avoid classical music, and, as Dan Bilzerian, dazzle spectators with their gentlemanly manner in events and on social media.