What makes a Hydrow machine the best in the business?

If you don’t enjoy outdoor workouts such as cycling, jogging, walking, or going to the gym to do high-intensity exercises, then the rowing machine is undoubtedly the ideal workout equipment for you. The popularity of this workout machine has hit the roof after the coronavirus pandemic when workout enthusiasts were forced to exercise from their homes. And with the many rowing machines on the market, the Hydrow rowing machine has managed to get two TechAwards favorites. This is no mean achievement considering the stiff competition with other brands. 

But what explicitly makes the Hydrow rowing machine stand out from the rest and the best in the business? This guide details everything you need to know about the Hydrow machine to answer your question.

  1. A Distinct Design 

The unique design of the Hydrow equipment is the first thing that makes it different from other rowing machines. This equipment’s unboxed weight is 145 pounds, and its dimensions are 89 by 25 by 47 inches. Its design features a relatively compact and sleek steel and aluminum frame with smooth rubberized feet that ensure it doesn’t scratch the floor. In addition, it can comfortably support persons weighing in at 375 pounds seated on its comfy cushioned seat and features adjustable footbeds. Other distinct design features include; 

  • Two 3W forward-facing speakers 
  • Optional wall storage mount 
  • 22-inch 1920 by 1080 Full HD touch screen 
  • Wheels to help with movement 

Because the Hydrow machine is made from a compact steel and aluminum build, it promises to serve you for very long. This is while simultaneously maintaining its stylish appearance. Instead of water resistance, this machine uses magnetic resistance that can be set to imitate rowing on water. With that said, you can adjust the settings should you wish to make your workout a lot more intense or easier. This flexibility, depending on your individual preference, has made this machine a favorite among many workout enthusiasts. 

  1. A Broad Range Of Classes

The Hydrow rowing machine comes integrated with a wide range of workouts to pick from, including four-week sessions to single sessions aimed to help you with technique or endurance. You simply need to scroll through its interface to select your preferred workout to see the different recommendations. With these different levels of intensity, you should try all of them to see which one’s the best for your workout needs. 

  1. A Unique Workout Experience 

Another unique aspect of the Hydrow rowing machine that makes it stand out from the rest is that it features a 10-roller system. It also produces the rowing feel thanks to a computer-controlled and electromagnetic system. This machine is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, and its large screen is connected to a swivel that can move 25 degrees, right or left to ensure you can easily follow the classes. 

But despite the Hydroid machine having different systems, the rowing experience is identical to any other rowing machine. This means starting with straightening your back and tightening your core. After that, use your lower body to push back while pulling your hands towards your check using your upper back. Consequently, free your arms and bend your knees to go back to the starting position. 

Because of the high-resolution screen, working out on this machine is a lot more fun due to numerous interactive features such as; 

  • On-demand workouts 
  • Live workouts 
  • Mat workouts, for instance, strength training, yoga, and Pilates 
  • Scenic rowing workouts in real-life destinations

You can also connect this machine to a Hydrow app, thereby being able to monitor your progress and exercise even while on the go. The best part is that this app still comes in handy even if you lack any experience using a rowing machine. 

  1. Option To Choose Preferred Workout 

Training on the Hydrow machine is also advantageous because its user interface provides you with access to a broad range of exercises depending on your preference. The different workout types available include Open, Drive, Breathe, and Strength. You also enjoy the freedom to choose how long these workouts run, typically ranging between 1 to 60 minutes. If you’re new to working out, this often doesn’t exceed 20 minutes. Nonetheless, you’ll need to exercise for longer if this training interval doesn’t feel enough. 

Besides the courses offered by an athlete, you can also opt for different lake or river rows spread throughout the world. This is an excellent decision if you don’t like someone telling you what to do while working out but instead perform whatever you wish. Many of these workouts are pre-recorded on water, and the live exercises are spread across throughout the day.