How Popular are Poker-Themed Tattoos?

Gambling and tattoo enthusiasts are indeed risk-takers since they gain their excitement and adrenaline rush from activities the greater section of people condemn. While tattoos are often a revelation of art having deep, inner meanings, gamblers get it inscribed on their bodies to reveal their love and passion for the game. And there is no sense if they play poker via NonStopCasino or come to play it in real life. Gambling tattoos come in various forms and are inscribed at different parts of the body, according to the will of the wearer. But what appears as the most popular one is the poker-themed tattoos.

Poker, the 52-decked up a card game, has been in much demand since the 1830s. While many might argue that it is entirely a game of skill, it can also be confirmed that luck does gain an upper hand to fetch huge delights in the form of money. Poker-themed tattoo designs usually bear the meaning of good luck, fortune, prosperity, and even death.

Joey Hamilton, who is one of the most renowned tattoo artists at the renowned Club Tattoo in Las Vegas, stated in his interview that customers are always in favour of poker tattoos, over all other gambling tattoos. Poker fans can obviously choose the design of their preference, but before that, they must know the basic symbols associated with poker-themed tattoos, and the meanings they carry with them. 

Most Popular Poker Design Ideas

The deck of cards

Isn’t it grand to get all your lucky cards imprinted on your forearm, chest, upper leg, or waist? Indeed it is since this tattoo idea is generally a large illustration, which mostly uses black colours and extensive shadowing. In most cases, the deck usually carries the J, K, Q, A cards, also known as the ‘Royal Flush’. However, it is entirely dependent upon the wearer which deck brings them good luck. Sometimes this tattoo idea is accompanied by roses, or money roses, which signifies the passion for wealth. Poker enthusiasts can also present the deck of cards from the hands of Lady Luck, which symbolizes fantasy, and lust for money. Try to opt for a three-dimensional look for the best results.


Everyone is well aware of the twists and turns in online poker games, which is brought out by the Joker card, which is also known as the ‘wild’ card. In most cases, this tattoo pattern represents deception, new positive opportunities in the game, etc. Some also attach it with humour and spontaneity. The use of colour in this tattoo ensign makes it interesting, and appealing, hence it’s suggested to opt for coloured options, rather than conventional black shadings. 

The Ace of Spades

It is believed that for some the Ace of Spades has proved to be the luckiest one, as it symbolizes good luck, and power for the wearer, but devastation for the opponent the wearer goes against. Tattoo artists might give a wide range of options to choose from, keeping the Ace of Spades as the key focus. Some designs include flames, showing passion, or dice, implying unforeseen future, Lady Luck, signifying lust, or skull, implying destruction and death, and so on. 

The Jack of Clubs

Also known as the ‘Card of Life’, the Jack of Clubs is extremely popular. It generally symbolizes taking relationships and bonds by compromises, and cooperation. Get a black-white original tattoo design with shading, or opt for the colour and surreal art to suit your taste.

The King of Hearts

It is quite impossible to leave out the King of Hearts while talking about poker-themed tattoos. These tattoos are generally as colourful as the card itself. Besides having the conventional card design, people can also opt for an animated King of Hearts design, or a real-life king portrait encircled inside the card design. Some people use this design to express their love and desire for cards, while others consider themselves kingly and express their reign in the domain of love. 

Pair of Cards

Usually, couples wear a pair of cards as their matching tattoo. Usually, a partner wears a king, while the other wears a king at the same location of the body. Hearts and crowns are usually added to the couple’s tattoos. It is believed that couple tattoos transmit luck, power, and love between the two people.


Tattoos are often a resonance of an individual’s inner voice and become even more significant if it is accompanied by the power and luck of the poker cards. Poker tattoos are extremely popular and are usually made the core element in almost all gambling tattoo designs. Follow the right tattoo tips after getting inked to maintain your tattoo in the best condition.