Getbetterlife Danny Robinson Tattoo Machine Set Review

Are the cheap and low-quality tattoo machines troubling you that lead to inconvenience?

Do you wish to own a primary tattoo machine that is easy to use and pocket friendly?

If yes, you must try Getbetterlife Danny Robinson’s Tattoo Machine set before it runs out of stock! We reviewed those machines from all aspects to help you in deciding on the final purchase.

Getbetterlife Danny Robinson's Tattoo Machine

The set

The Getbetterlife tattoo machine set is sponsored by Danny Robinson, a famous tattoo artist from England. He features two machines- Linear and a shader.

Both the variations get prepared from copper material, making it a heavy and sturdy machine to use. Another lucrative fact is you get the premium quality at an affordable range.

You can get these machines at the price range of $200-400, which is a great deal for any tattoo artist. Both two machines come in different boxes along with a lifetime warranty.

The Liner

The most amazing part about these tattoo machines that allured us to recommend it amongst the best options.

While testing it, we discovered that it ran amazingly merely at the range of 5 volts. And to your knowledge, this machine hits hard and is no less compatible with any other powerful tattoo machines.

The lining it sets is impeccably excellent, and it is the best product for day-to-day use.

The Shader

We wish that shader is also a great liner, but that’s not true. It does not indicate a lousy shader, but we meant it’s simply not an ideal liner option.

The best at which machine runs is at 7 volts, and we desired a slightly better performance.

You have to make few adjustments, and this shader can turn out into a serviceable machine. But unlike the liner, this cannot take that wow spot in your choice list as the favorite shader.

Why buy Getbetterlife Danny Robinson’s Tattoo Machine?

1. Precise lining details:

The main reason for these tattoo machines’ popularity is the linear point lines and clean work.

Tattoo artists can flawlessly work on these machines without the hassle of any unwanted spills or limitations.

2. Durability:

As this tattoo machine making includes cast iron technology and the frame is entirely copper-based, it makes this product highly durable in usage.

Although copper might corrode in the long term, the premium quality copper ensures that the corrosion is not very intense. Light oiling helps in the protection of this product.

3. Easy to operate:

There is no rocket science in using this convenient tattoo machine as it skips all unnecessary features prominent in the machine, which makes it complicated.

Besides, even beginners can effectively use this machine without a problem.


If you are a tattoo artist with a speculative budget and searching for the best machine, the Getbetterlife tattoo machine is a one-stop solution for you.

Its liner is merely perfect, and you can also buy a decent and serviceable shader at affordable prices.

Specifically, for beginners, this is an ideal kit to start practicing tattoo art. And believe us, if you are getting the top quality at these rates, you are investing in something perfect!

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