5 Ways to Fix Errors in MS Access Database

The errors in the Microsoft Access Online database are generic and may reduce the flow of work. When there is a problem with the format of a database file, it gets corrupted and does not open. The MS Access application clarifies the data storage and hence, it is usually used in many enterprises. Many elements can corrupt the access database files. 

Here are some possible causes:

  • Database design insufficiency
  • Multi-user working on the application.
  • Hardware malfunctions.
  • Software malfunctions.
  • Closing the program incorrectly.
  • Unexpected shutdown of the computer.
  • Malware and hacking attacks.

Here’s how To Fix Errors in MS Access Database:

1. Previous Backup Recovery

If you already have backup data, you have nothing to worry about when the database gets corrupted. To revive the data, you will have to erase the content in the backup file and the tables. Then import the tables from the corrupted file. There is an ‘Import Wizard’ feature in Access that enables you to import the complete data table file.

2. Compact and Repair Utility

Compact and Repair is a built-in utility element intended to corrupt files, errors, or unavailable databases. It also assists in decreasing its size, blocking further damages. It is recommended to initially backup your database file before running the utility feature. If the situation gets more messed up, at least, you will still possess the database file to try other ways of recovery. Run the MS Access file > Database Tools > Compact and Repair Database Utility. Choose the database file and select Compact. For the new database file enter the name in the ‘Compact Database Into’ dialogue box and hit Save.

3. Microsoft Jet Compact Utility

It is the ideal tool for resolving any MS Access small and minor problems. All MS Access applications have the availability of the Jetcomp.exe utility and can be used to fix database files that are corrupted.

4. Design a new MS Access Database and Import the Files that are Corrupted

Design a new MS Access database file, select it, and click on the external data tab. In order to import the data, select Access. A new window will start named ‘Getting External Data – Access Database.’ Select “Browse” to choose your damaged file and click on OK after it opens, to import it. All files that you select will be successfully imported. Before shutting down the window, select the save import steps box. You can also increase your work efficiency with the help of a Virtual Desktop Cloud.

5. Repair Software Tools

The points stated above should be able to assist you in recovering your MS Access database files that are gone corrupt. If the issues persist and you realize that you have some missing files, it is highly recommended to use automatic repair tools available online.

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