Disposable Tattoo Tubes – Everything You Must Know

Disposable tattoo tubes have been a favorite among expert tattoo artists. There are a variety of reasons making it preferred over the autoclave. One of the prime advantages is that disposable tattoo tubes provide a wide variety of options. Anyway, discussed below are some of the key perks of disposable tattoo tubes.

Advantages Of Disposable Tattoo Tubes

Often people remain in confusion about whether to go with an autoclave or a disposable tattoo tube. It’s not that one can either go with the autoclave or with disposable. Instead, knowing the pros of disposable tattoo tubes makes it easy to decide. For those, these benefits do matter and can go with disposable tattoo tubes.

1. Convenient, User-Friendly, And Fast

One of the prominent advantages is that these do come entirely in one package. Be it about the grip, be it about the tip, or the tube, one can find all these in an all-inclusive package. In comparison, one has to buy each element distinctly as far as autoclave tattoo tubes are concerned.

It means upon buying the disposable tattoo tube unit, one can stay assured of every component working well. As there is no need to buy separate components, there is no fear of mismatch and all.

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One doesn’t even need to think of sterilization and all; these do come pre-sterilized—no need to think about autoclave and all. In the case of an autoclave-able tattoo tube, post scrubbing the components, one has to pass these along with an ultrasonic cleaner, and after that, the step of autoclave comes.

Needless is to say that to execute these steps has to take some time. Most importantly, as everything comes under a single package (with a disposable tattoo tube), it appears as a much cost-effective option.

2. Best For Professionals, Mobile Tattoo Artists

Disposable tattoo tubes are immensely popular for the convenience these provide, making it incredible for artists who often have to travel a lot. It gives them the flexibility of working from their place of comfort or third-party shops. It suits the professional tattoo artists to accomplish the tasks more quickly as these come in the pre-sterilized form.

There are certain kinds of tattoos for which the artists explicitly look for the disposable units. It means all that one needs is to open the pack, make use of the tube, and throw when it’s done. Disposable tattoo tube units are even considered essential for most.

3. Highly Reliable From A Safety Perspective

Highly Reliable From A Safety Perspective

Upon using the disposable tattoo tube, all that one needs is to make the tattoo and dispose of or throw the same out. In short, there is no chance of using the same tip or making use of the same tube on anyone else.

There is no need for any cleaning, and thus there is no scope of any component coming under the virus exposure. Naturally, therefore there remains no threat for the virus to propagate from one person to the other. All in all, it is currently the safest possible option one can have.

4. Comparatively Cost-Effective

The price of disposable tattoos or disposable tattoo tubes has gone down significantly in the recent past. It has become less than fifty cents. This makes people think that going with disposable tattoo tubes can be expensive as one has to throw one after using, every single time.

But, if someone keeps the price in check, it can be evident that disposable tattoo tubes are budget-friendly. How is it? The answer is simple; because autoclave-able tubes are way higher in terms of their cost. These are still quite expensive despite being reusable.

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For someone who is up for opening his parlor for the first time should go with disposable tattoos due to their cost-effective characteristic. Not just the cost, being reliable from safety perspectives is also one of the prime reasons that the newly established tattoo parlors are advised to opt for disposable tattoo tubes.

Those going with Autoclave-able options need to think of the additional expenses of cleaners as well. There is extra energy cost as well for running the ultrasonic cleaners. Additionally, the autoclave needs to remain on for consistently sterilizing the components.

If all these expenses are added, one can easily find disposable tattoo tubes much inexpensive. The good news is that many platforms are offering disposable tattoo tubes in bulk. Buying such bulk packs can undoubtedly cost less to the buyer.

5. Easily Customizable

Expert tattoo artists understand the importance of finding the best-fit tattoo tube for their hands. It’s like a weapon, without which it is merely impossible for them to deliver the best outcome. Unless the tattoo maker is thoroughly comfortable using its grip, issues are quite obvious.

In this context, disposable tattoo tubes are the best options as one can easily find a wide variety in the market. It means one can easily find the best fit option. Also, modifying the components is supremely easy as well. Interestingly, it hardly takes any time to modify the tube.

All that one needs is to cover the grip using cohesive tapes for proper padding. This process is quite simple that anyone can do easily. In short, disposable tattoo tubes are extremely user-friendly from a convenience of user perspective. A professional tattoo artist takes hardly any time for the entire process.

Here Are The Top 5 Disposable Tattoo Tubes

1. BISIBITA2 VORTEX 1.25-inch Soft Silicone Black Disposable Tattoo Tube Grips

BISIBITA2 VORTEX 1.25 Inch Soft Silicone Black Disposable Tattoo Tube Grips

We have kept this BISIBITA2 VORTEX 1.25-inch Soft Silicone Black Disposable Tattoo Tube Grips on the first position of our top list because we are personally using these tattoo tubes in our tattoo studio, and we are entirely satisfied with it.

Started using it after the recommendation of one of the best worlds renewed tattoo artists. It’s a set of 15 pcs, the build quality is fantastic. It is rated as 4.5 stars on Amazon and all the other leading shopping websites.

PROS (What we liked)
  • The quality of this Disposable Tattoo Tube is amazing
  • Recommended by thousands of users
  • We have personally used it, and we love it.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No cons

2. ITATOO 9FT Tattoo Tubes Disposable Tattoo Tubes with Soft Black Silicone Grips

ITATOO 9FT Tattoo Tubes Disposable Tattoo Tubes With Soft Black Silicone Grips

This ITATOO 9FT Tattoo Tubes Disposable Tattoo Tubes set is the set of 25pcs sterilized tattoo tubes. Each tube is individually packed. The main highlight of this product is its tip, it is equipped with the hard plastic tip of the tattoo tube, which works like the metal tip.

These disposable tattoo tubes have non-slip grips made up of high-quality silicone and make them easy to control for you. You can use it with all types of standard tattoo needles.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Clear long tips, can see the ink clearly
  • Hard plastic tip works like a mental tip
  • The model number is carved on the tip
  • Non-Slip grip is easy to control
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No cons

3. ITATOO 9rl Tattoo Tubes 20pcs Disposable Tattoo Tubes 1″ Tattoo Grip

ITATOO 9rl Tattoo Tubes 20pcs Disposable Tattoo Tubes 1 Tattoo Grip

More than a thousand people have reviewed this disposable tattoo tube on Amazon. It is rated as 4.8 stars. This tattoo tube is specially designed to provide the best possible comfort to a tattoo artist.

Those tattoo tubes are crafted from high-quality material, it is durable and features a soft rubber grip. ITATOO also provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee with these tattoo tubes. You can ask for a replacement if you have any problems.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Made of high-quality material
  • It is durable. Soft Rubber Grip
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Suit for ergonomic design
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No cons

4. ITATOO® 25pcs 25mm 1 Inch 7 Diamond 7D Silicone Soft Blue Disposable Tattoo Tubes

ITATOO® 25pcs 25mm 1 Inch 7 Diamond 7D Silicone Soft Blue Disposable Tattoo Tubes

ITATOO® 25pcs 25mm 1 Inch 7 Diamond 7D Silicone Soft Blue Disposable Tattoo Tubes has a plastic tip, but it’s too hard, you will get the experience of a metal tip. You can also clearly see the tattoo ink and tattoo needles.

This is a set of about 25pcs, all the tubes are individually packed. Talking about the cost, each tube will only cost you around $0.76. you can use it with 1207RL, 1207RS standard tattoo needles.

PROS (What we liked)
  • 25 x sterilized 7DT tattoo tube
  • Non-slip design, easy control
  • Help you finish tattoo work easily more conveniently
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The delivery is too slow

5. BISIBITA2 GYRO 1-inch Disposable Tattoo Tubes with Clear Long Tips 20pcs (7R)

BISIBITA2 GYRO 1 Inch Disposable Tattoo Tubes With Clear Long Tips 20pcs (7R)

While researching the best disposable tattoo tube, few tattoo artists suggest that we keep this BISIBITA2 GYRO 1-inch Disposable Tattoo Tubes in our top list. They are using it for the last few years and are satisfied with the experience.

The tubes are pre-sterilized with the EO gas and individually sealed. It is made up of high-quality material.

PROS (What we liked)
  • 1″ Silicone Soft Grips
  • Each blister pack is individually sealed
  • Pre-sterilized with EO gas
  • Single-use only
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No cons

In Conclusion, It’s About Merely Considering The Relevancy.

All the factors discussed above indeed portray the excellent things about disposable tattoo tubes. However, one can’t conclude that disposable tattoo tubes are better options than autoclave-able ones.

As explained above, those who find the benefits discussed above are more relevant for their business or intended purpose should go with disposable tattoo tubes.

Specifically, the safety factor makes it such a suitable option in modern times, compared to the autoclave-able. All said and done. Disposable tattoo tubes come up with some thoroughly significant benefits that make it a better option.