4 of the Best Tattoo Shops Near the Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the most frequently visited cities by tourists in the U.S.

When people think of the United States’ top, must-see destinations, Las Vegas, Nevada often comes to mind. With over 40 million annual visitors, Sin City is highly attractive to tourists for countless reasons. In fact, many travel far and wide just to get a glimpse of that iconic red, white, and blue welcome sign that greets cars on their way into the legendary location.

The Entertainment Capital of the World is known for its world-famous nightlife, luxury hotels, and of course, dazzling casino complexes, some of which are upwards of 60 years old and are still open for business today!

There’s no doubt that these celebrated casino facilities are Vegas’ main attraction, offering both locals and visitors the opportunity to play on hundreds of slot machines or their favorite table games with a professionally trained dealer.

Nowadays, as the U.S. continues to legalize online casinos on a state-by-state basis, these popular Vegas games are becoming available in the virtual environment and offering deals for new customers that are interested in having a non-brick-and-mortar gaming experience in addition to the physical one. However, this one-of-a-kind electric atmosphere that can be had during both live and virtual gameplay is also available outside of the casino.

As well as being the home of entertainment experiences galore, the city boasts some of the country’s best tattoo shops run by gifted artists. So, the next time you find yourself wandering through the glamourous, brightly lit streets of Sin City, why not check out one of these quality tattoo parlors? After all, it would be a sin itself not to have a permanent reminder of your time in one of the greatest cities on the planet.

1. Sin City Ink

Sin City Ink has been serving the city of Las Vegas for over 11 years as one of the top-rated tattoo shops with close proximity to all the casinos on the famous Strip. The artists here specialize in a range of styles from watercolor pieces to portraits, white tattoos, cover-ups, and more. Based on their clients’ rave reviews alone, Sin City Ink is the best in the Las Vegas tattoo business!

2. Last Chance Tattoo Parlor

Last Chance has been described by clients as an extraordinary tattoo experience, and one that cannot just be had once. Open since 2014, the parlor is home to a variety of artists from home and abroad. They have licensed professionals with years of experience and noticeable talent. Many of them specialize in traditional American-style tattoos but are not limited to what they can create.

3. Sick One Tattoos

Situated just a 5-minute drive north of the Strip, Sick One Tattoos is a well-located shop sure to please any interested customer. Their talented artists offer solutions for any tattoo inquiry but are specifically well-known for their custom lettering tattoos. Established back in 2015, Sick One has received several awards for their services over the years and continue to be a top-rated location in downtown Vegas. Visitors should just keep in mind that the shop is by appointment only, so calling beforehand is a must.

Las Vegas Tattoos Shops

Each of these shops are filled with their own talented staff of professional tattoo artists.

4. Broken Dagger Tattoo

Whether you are getting tattooed for the first time or already have arms full of ink, Broken Dagger wants to be a part of your experience. The shop has a central location, surrounded by luxurious casinos and hotels, and is home to 6 local artists who have been in the tattoo scene for many years. Its owners also have more than a decade of experience tattooing a variety of different styles and sizes. Here, walk-ins are welcome so anyone can come in with an idea and one of their employees will get right to work.