125+ Best Watercolor Tattoo Ideas and Designs (2018)

Watercolor Tattoo Designs

31. Most people love to have tattoo of their pet and trust me for such tattoos watercolor is best. If you don’t have pet then try wing tattoos on back.
watercolor paw print tattoo

32. Here is a watercolor tattoo design on the thigh of this girl.
watercolor tree tattoos

33. Watercolor tattoos can be confusing sometimes. For example, This watercolor tattoo make the quote unreadable.
watercolor tattoos fade

34. Watercolor tattoos have very small age. They can last up to a week, given that you take a lot care of it.
Watercolor Tattoos

35. Here is how a watercolor tattoo will look after time has passed (weeks).
watercolor tattoos for guys

36. You will find thousands of watercolor tattoo designs on site like tumblr and pinterest.
watercolor flower tattoos

37. You can have a watercolor tattoo dedicated to your kid. This will be a cool idea.
watercolor foot tattoos

38. Most beautiful watercolor tattoos are either of landscape or a beautiful nature scene.
watercolor tree tattoo

39. I am not able to understand the technique used by the tattoo artist to craft this beautiful tattoo but I am impressed.
temporary watercolor tattoos

40. Instead of going for a universe tattoo or a tree tattoo design you can have a simple watercolor tattoo design like this.
simple watercolor tattoos

Are Watercolor tattoos Expensive

The cost of watercolor tattoo will depend on the size of the tattoo along with the sessions that it took to be completed. Black tattoos have carbon based ink thus making it more expensive but watercolor tattoos use only base of pigments. They are not costly but still as not everyone can ink them, therefore, a tattoo artist might charge more from you.