170+ Best Tattoos For Men With Meaning (2018)

Best Tattoos For Men

11. Navy tattoos are extremely popular design of tattoos for men but sometimes they get confused to choose the right design for themselves. How about you opt for a tattoo that has all the major navy designs in it?
anchor tattoos for men

12. The wing tattoo design on the chest of this guy could be improved by making it large in size. Also, the crown needs to be placed near the collarbone.
crown tattoos for men

13. Men are more attracted to devil tattoos as compared to women. Here is a scary devil tattoo design on the shoulder this man.
bicep tattoos for men

14. If you are a person who wishes for world peace then you should opt for a dove tattoo design. If you wish for peace in life then go for a stairway to heaven tattoo design.
sleeve tattoos for men

15. Roman numerals tattoos always look amusing. One cool idea is to get your date of birth tattooed in roman numerals like this. Also there is a beautiful elephant tattoo.
forearm tattoos for men

16. Honestly, no ordinary tattoo artist can pull off such majestic design. It is one in a thousand tattoo designs and should be tried only if you know any experienced tattoo artist.
skull tattoos for men

17. Playing card tattoos are also popular among men but there are not many unique designs. Here is a unique playing card tattoo design on the chest of this man.
cool tattoos for men

18. Watercolor tattoos or pastel tattoos are usually opted by girls. If you want a watercolour tattoo then here is a solar system tattoo design for you to consider.
star tattoos for men

19. Instead of opting for a fallen angel or angel wings tattoo design I would highly recommend you to try warrior angel tattoo design and that too on full back or full chest like this.
Angel tattoos for men

20. If you want a cool tattoo design on hand then go for tribal designs. Here is a cool Maori tattoo design on the hand of this man.
hand tattoos for men