50 Jaw Dropping BlackWork Tattoos Designs (2017)

blackwork tattoos
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Blackwork Tattoos are made using thick ink and they are also known as neo-tribal tattoos. This is because they are inspired from the oldest method of tattoo making – the tribal tattoo art. Blackwork tattoos are of thick black color and many also call them solid black... more →
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50 Meaningful Sibling Tattoos For Brothers and Sisters (2017)

Siblings Tattoos
Sometimes people who have no interest in tattoos get themselves inked because they want to show their love and feelings for their brothers and sisters. The internet is full of sibling tattoos designs and ideas but not many of them are meaningful. It is not necessary that you cannot have odd and weird and tattoos with your siblings... more →
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50 Delicate Floral Tattoos Designs for Flower Lovers (2017)

Floral Tattoos
Floral tattoos are extremely popular among girls. Floral tattoo art is a huge branch in its own self as there are so many flowers (from rose to lily to daisy to chrysanthemum to daffodils and marigolds) that it often get confusing to choose among them. Different floral tattoos have different meanings. Therefore it becomes necessary... more →
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50 Adorable Bird Tattoos Ideas and Designs (2017)

bird tattoos
The most common type of tattoo designs is of bird tattoos. Various ancient civilizations, tribes and cultures considered bird to be good omen. Therefore it was common part of many cultures to get bird tattoos. In modern day tattoo industry, bird tattoos are among the most popular tattoo designs but people often get confused in the... more →
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50 Creative Origami Tattoos Designs and Ideas (2017)

origami tattoos
Origami and tattooing are two different art forms but people often love mix up of two different arts. This is the reason why origami tattoos are in trend in recent years. Origami is the art of folding paper and making unique designs such as of animals or objects. Origami tattoos show the art of origami in a unique way. Here are 50... more →
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50 Stylish Gangster Tattoos Ideas and Designs (2017)

gangster tattoos
Gangster tattoos are popular only among people who like such lifestyle. Although I would not suggest such tattoo design but many people like such tattoos because they look good as temporary tattoos. Here are 50 stylish gangster tattoos designs for men and women – Gangster Tattoos Ideas And Designs 1. People often admire powerful... more →
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50 Unique Christian Tattoos Designs and Ideas (2017)

Christian Tattoos
One big question related to Christian tattoos is that whether or not a true Christian should get tattooed? I would say that it’s all about faith. There are many Christianity related tattoos designs and ideas. Here we present you 50 best Christian tattoos for men and women – Christian Tattoos Ideas And Designs 1. This shield... more →
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50 Heart touching Brothers Tattoos Designs and Ideas 2017

Brother tattoos
Honestly there are not many brother tattoos ideas that could be universally applicable. Each person holds a special unique boding with his brothers and thus has to think of entirely unique tattoo idea to define his relationship with his brother. We tried our best to come up with brilliant brothers tattoo ideas that could be universally... more →
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50 Best Sleeve Tattoos For Men and Women (2017)

Sleeve Tattoos
Usually Sleeve tattoos are from the upper portion of the shoulder to the end of the wrist. However not all people admire such sleeve tattoos. Lately there has been a huge trend of half sleeve tattoos and many people voted them better from full sleeve tattoos. Here we picked up 50 amazing sleeve tattoo design that include half sleeve... more →
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50 Must Try Shoulder Tattoos For Men and Women 2017

Shoulder Tattoos
Shoulder tattoos are very common among tattoo lovers but one common problem is that people get confused to choose a perfect shoulder tattoo. There are so many options available for shoulder tattoos for both boys and girls that it is hard to just choose one among them. Here we solved your problem as we chose 50 most amazing shoulder... more →
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