50 Beautiful Foot Tattoos Designs for Men and Women 2017

Foot tattoos
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); It is hard to find small foot tattoos as most boys and girls prefer to have large size tattoos on foot. As feet are hidden most of the times so you can try any type of tattoo design on them but it doesn’t mean that you opt for an ugly looking tattoo. We have chosen here... more →
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50 3D BioMechanical Tattoos Designs and Ideas (2017)

biomechanical tattoos
Biomechanical tattoos are really expensive but they are also among the most beautiful tattoo design. This is because of their uniqueness. Biomechanical tattoos may vary from person to person due to different physiques. Here we have selected 50 amazing biomechanical tattoo designs for men and women – Biomechanical Tattoos Ideas... more →
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50 Game of Thrones Tattoos For Die Hard Fans (2017)

Game Of Thrones Tattoos
Game of thrones is the best TV series of all time. The popularity of Game of Thrones Tattoos among men and women proves this fact. People are looking for ideas and designs for Game of thrones tattoos so that they can get their body inked with their favorite character or quote from Game of Thrones. Here we have chosen pictures of... more →
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50 Amazing Vikings Tattoos Designs and Ideas (2017)

Vikings Tattoos
Vikings tattoos are popular because Viking left a mark on the history. Both men and women love to have Viking tattoo on their body. Vikings traveled half of the world in 8,9, 10 and 11 century. They conquered most of the Europe and eastern countries. Here are 50 amazing Viking tattoos designs and ideas – Vikings Tattoos Ideas... more →
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50 Watercolor Tattoo Designs that Age Slowly (2017)

watercolor tattoos
Watercolor tattoos suit to those people who do not want real tattoos but still want to see how a tattoo will look on their body. Even if you are a tattoo lover then still you can give preference to a watercolour tattoo. Say you want a unique tattoo design but are unsure how it will look on your body. A good solution to this problem... more →
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50 Cool Anime Tattoos For Men and Women (2017)

Anime Tattoos
Anime tattoos are more popular than movies or TV tattoos. This is because Japanese anime has a huge impact of global audience. They introduced a unique style and design of anime characters and this is why they impress at first look. But there is much more than just looks. Japanese anime have unique concepts and themes for their anime... more →
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Top 50 Good Looking Calf Tattoos For Men and Women (2017)

Calf Tattoos
Calf tattoos are weird. This is because calf is hidden part that is only visible when you wear shorts. This is why both men and women prefer to have weird looking calf tattoos. Another thing that I want to tell you is that Calf tattoos do cause pain and they fade away easily. This is because calf is sweaty part of body. Here are... more →
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