50 Nature Landscape Tattoos For Men and Women (2017)

Landscape tattoos
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Landscapes have always amused people. Be it in reality or in art form. Landscape tattoos are not alarmingly popular but such tattoo designs have their own decent fan following. Usually people opt for small size landscape tattoos but its upto you if you want to have a large... more →
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50 Pokemon Tattoos for Men and Women (2017)

Pokemon tattoos
Pokemon tattoos are not so common. In fact people often wonder if it is a good idea to have a pokemon tattoo. I would say that it totally depends on you. There are many examples where fans went on to have tattoos of their favourite TV shows or movies or characters. Even if you decide to go for a pokemon tattoo then the big confusion... more →
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50 Jaw Dropping BlackWork Tattoos Designs (2017)

blackwork tattoos
Blackwork Tattoos are made using thick ink and they are also known as neo-tribal tattoos. This is because they are inspired from the oldest method of tattoo making – the tribal tattoo art. Blackwork tattoos are of thick black color and many also call them solid black tattoos. They are especially popular among people who are looking... more →
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50 Creative Origami Tattoos Designs and Ideas (2017)

origami tattoos
Origami and tattooing are two different art forms but people often love mix up of two different arts. This is the reason why origami tattoos are in trend in recent years. Origami is the art of folding paper and making unique designs such as of animals or objects. Origami tattoos show the art of origami in a unique way. Here are 50... more →
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50 Pleasing Pastel Tattoos Ideas for Men and Women (2017)

pastel tattoos
Pastel tattoos are not much popular but still they are adored by many people. Pastel tattoos are made using pastels. Pastel art revolutionized the art world in renaissance era and since then pastel tattoos are in trend. Here we selected 50 beautiful pastel tattoos for men and women – Pastel Tattoos Ideas and Designs 1. It... more →
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48 Creative Chess Tattoos Ideas and Designs (2017)

Chess Tattoos
People usually avoid game and sports tattoos but Chess tattoos are exception. Chess tattoos found popularity not just among couples but siblings as well. King chess piece tattoos and queen chess piece tattoos are among the most popular tattoo designs in the world. But chess tattoos are not just limited to these two designs. Here... more →
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50 Cute Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Men and Women (2017)

ankle tattoos
The popularity of ankle tattoos was increased by professionals and day time workers. This is because many companies restrict to have tattoos on body. Therefore many people opt for places on body that could be tattooed easily and then can be hid under clothes. Ankle is one such body part and amazingly many boys and girls love to have... more →
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47 Really Cute Dog Tattoos Designs and Ideas (2017)

Dog tattoos
Dog tattoos are admired by almost every person on the planet. This is because dogs are among the cutest and most loyal creatures in this world. Even though many people rank cats above dogs but one have to admit that dog tattoos are equally popular as cat tattoos. If you are dog loving person then we have treat for you. We have chosen... more →
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50 Cute Toe Tattoos Ideas for Men and Women 2017

Toe tattoos
Toe tattoos are equally popular among [email protected] tattoo lovers and newbies. This is because toe tattoo designs are small and tiny. They can be hid and there is a huge variety of tattoos that could be tried on toes. However, too many options can often confuse. Therefore we here provide you 50 best toe tattoo ideas. You can pick any... more →
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50 Impressive Leg Tattoos Ideas for Men and Women 2017

Leg Tattoos
Leg tattoos are often neglected by both men and women. This is because people rarely look to legs. But if you are a tattoo lover then you surely know that legs provide enough space and alignment for impressive tattoos. However, you might get confused on whether to get a tattoo on thigh or on calf or have a leg sleeve tattoo design.... more →
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