50 Best Sleeve Tattoos For Men and Women (2018)

Cool Sleeve Tattoos

41. Not many tattoo artists come up with such brilliant sleeve tattoos. This fox tattoo seems to be inspired from Guardians of the Galaxy or Star Trek.(3D biomechanical tattoos)
geometric sleeve tattoos

42. One needs a very good imagination to come up with such brilliant sleeve tattoo design. It shows the freedom and desires in just one tattoo.
women sleeve tattoos

43. The cut tribal tattoos or knife tribal sleeves are among the most popular tribal sleeve tattoos among men and women.
tribal sleeve tattoos

44. This girl portrait tattoo design seems to be inspired from a 16th century British lady.
sleeve tattoos galleries

45. As I said earlier, quote tattoo design on sleeves will look odd. Here is how a quote tattoo on sleeve would look like.
badass sleeve tattoos

46. You can also follow the tattoo design of Dwayne The Rock Johnson. He has a sleeve tattoo that extends up to chest.
sleeve tattoos

47. Star tattoo design on sleeves would suit more on girls than on boys.
stars tattoos sleeve

48. There are many different variations of wolf tattoos and I have to admit wolf tattoos looks amazing on sleeves.
wolf sleeve tattoos

49. This phoenix tattoo design is neatly done and that is why it suits sleeve.
color sleeve tattoos

50. Tinkerbell is the most popular design among fairy tattoos and it will surely look good on upper sleeves.
amazing tattoos sleeve

Which Sleeve tattoo design you liked the most?