50 Best Sleeve Tattoos For Men and Women (2018)

Arm Sleeve Tattoos

31. If you are a person who loves to travel then you can ink famous monuments or structures that you have seen in real life.(Female face tattoos)
half sleeve tattoos designs

32. This beautiful sleeve tattoo design on girl is inspired from the queen of hearts. Look Closer.
full sleeve tattoos

33. Girls can also try jewellery tattoo design on sleeves. For example here is a arm band jewellery tattoo on sleeve.
girl sleeve tattoos ideas

34. If you are looking for a cover up tattoo design on sleeve then here is one for you. The wearer have multiple tattoos framed into just one shot.
sleeve tattoos half

35. If you are a huge fan of any superhero or super heroine then you can get their portraits inked on your sleeve.
sleeve tattoos ideas

36. Geisha tattoo designs are very popular among middle aged males. You can try geisha tattoos on sleeves.
japanese sleeve tattoos

37. You can also have portrait tattoo of your favourite video game inked on your sleeves.
female sleeve tattoos

38. Dreamcatcher tattoo design are considered extremely lucky and they best position to have them is considered on sleeves.
half sleeve tattoos for girls

39. Here is another unique idea for lower sleeve tattoo design.
simple sleeve tattoos

40. Hourglass tattoo designs are not much popular. If you are looking for unique tattoo design then they are good option.
rose sleeve tattoos