50 Incredible Heart Tattoos for Men and Women (2018)

Heart Shape Tattoos

31. Many people like to have heart tattoos with name of their sweetheart. If the person is no more in this world then ink the date of their death as well. This tattoo is inspired from a johnny depp tattoo design.(Best maori tattoos designs)
heart with names tattoos

32. The I Heart NY logo became so popular that it gave fame to phrases like I heart dad and I heart mom. You too can try a I heart mom tattoo just like this.
i heart mom tattoos

33. Love should be infinite. If you love someone then love them from the bottom of your heart. Infinity heart tattoos suggest that you love someone indefinitely.
infinity heart tattoos

34. Many people to have a mix up of lion tattoos and heart tattoos to show that they are brave and courageous. I don’t think this person thinks the same.
lion heart tattoos

35. No heart tattoo would look as good as one that shows your love and passion. For example this little heart tattoo is enclosed by a rope there by suggesting that either he love himself or he loves navy.
little heart tattoos

36. Many people like to opt for mechanical heart tattoos but they miss one point that such tattoos are far too complicated and cannot be pulled off by just any tattoo artist.
mechanical heart tattoos

37. If you love your mom indefinitely then there would be no better choice than a mother daughter heart tattoo like this.
mother daughter heart tattoos

38. If you love your pet very much and want to dedicate a tattoo to them then try paw print heart tattoos. Remember that these tattoos should be small or tiny.
paw print heart tattoos

39. If you want a real heart tattoo design aka anatomical heart tattoo then give it proper placement as well. Remember tattoos on heart can be dangerous.
real heart tattoos

40. Here is a one unique style of rose and heart tattoos. As you can see the person did not opted for much colors.
rose and heart tattoos