50 Dragon Tattoos Inspired from Different Cultures (2018)

Tribal Dragon Tattoos

41. The best thing about tribal dragon tattoos is that they leave most to your imagination. The artist often leaves spaces with in the tattoo thus giving a unique look to it.(Best cool tattoos)
pictures of dragon tattoos

42. Instead of trying a dragon tattoo in just one color you can give different colors to its body parts. For example you can have the body of dragon in light color and the wings of dragon in dark color.
rising dragon tattoos

43. Many people like to try sea dragon tattoo in place of real dragon. So if you are looking for seadragon tattoo here is how it would look like.
sea dragon tattoos

44. You don’t have to go for large dragon tattoos. Tiny dragon tattoos like this will also look good. You can try them on wrist or fingers.
simple dragon tattoos

45. Back shoulder is favourite of many boys and girls to try dragon tattoos. A tribal dragon tattoo would look good on back shoulder.
small dragon tattoos

46. If you opt for tribal dragon tattoo then I would suggest you to make it even more attractive by adding another ink on the outlines. Red ink suits the most in such designs.
tattoos dragon

47. A unique dragon tattoo idea would be to try a tribal design in the shape of alphabet. The alphabet should be your name initial. For example here is a dragon tattoo in shape of letter S.
tribal dragon tattoos

48. There are many movies, anime and cartoons that showed different kind of dragons. One of my favourite is water dragon tattoos. They look better if given shiny colors.
water dragon tattoos

49. You will be amazed by the look of watercolour dragon tattoos or pastel dragon tattoos. Even though they will fade away soon yet they will leave a long lasting impression.
watercolor dragon tattoos

50. Side posing dragon tattoos will look great on one side of body. For example here is a side posing dragon tattoo on the side of rib cage of this girl.
woman dragon tattoos

Which Dragon tattoos from the above photo gallery you liked the most?