50 Dragon Tattoos Inspired from Different Cultures (2018)

Medieval Dragon Tattoos

21. Many artists also like to mix dragon tattoos with sacred symbols. If you consider any symbol lucky for you than a cool dragon tattoo design would be to ink the dragon in the shape of the symbol.(Geodetic tattoos designs)
dragon tattoos designs

22. As dragons are pop culture elements since the dawn of man-kind so you will find millions of dragon drawings across the globe. You can use such dragon drawings for your tattoo.
dragon tattoos drawings

23. Dragon wings are often ignored but honestly they deserve a highlight in dragon tattoo. So be sure to ask your artist for majestic dragon wings like this.
dragon tattoos for men

24. I find tribal tattoos more attractive on women then on men. A unique style would be to try tribal dragon tattoo on spine or back.
dragon tattoos for women

25. Confused between Chinese dragon and Japanese dragon? A cool dragon tattoo idea would be to try both designs.
dragon tattoos ideas

26. Tribal dragon tattoos often ignore dragon eyes. You can make your tribal dragon tattoo even more impressive by improving its eye design.
dragon tattoos image

27. The way you show your dragon tattoo will tell a lot about its meaning. For example if you show a baby dragon tattoo then you are conveying message that you are strong willed but still a baby at heart.
dragon tattoos meanings

28. One unique part to try dragon tattoos is ankle. Women often ask for dragon tattoos on ankle and here is how they would look like.
dragon tattoos on ankle

29. Another interesting dragon tattoo idea would be to show a dragon crawling over your arm. For this you have to show dragon paws with long pointed nails.
dragon tattoos on arms

30. Medieval dragon tattoos are also very popular. Try dragon tattoos inspired from ancient greek culture or roman culture.
dragon tattoos on back