50 Cute Bird Tattoos Ideas and Designs (2018)

The most common type of tattoo designs is of bird tattoos. Various ancient civilizations, tribes and cultures considered bird to be good omen. Therefore it was common part of many cultures to get bird tattoos. In modern day tattoo industry, bird tattoos are among the most popular tattoo designs but people often get confused in the choice of their bird tattoos. Here we present you 50 amazing bird tattoo designs for men and women –

Bird Tattoos For Men

1. The very first bird tattoo idea that you would be suggested by your artist would be a sparrow tattoo on chest or hand.(Christian god tattoos on arm)
Amazing Bird Tattoos

2. There are different bird species of different shapes and sizes so you must choose one that represent your personality in one way or another.
little bird tattoos

3. Usually bird tattoos are suggested on the upper part of the body but if you choose a bird like crane then it will look beautiful on legs.
bird tattoos on leg

4. A flying bird tattoo design will look better than a caged bird or a sitting bird because flying bird would represent freedom and that’s what everyone wish for.
girls bird tattoos

5. Rovio Entertainment’s Angry Birds is one of the most popular mobile games. You can reimagine angry birds into realistic birds and try a tattoo of them.
bird tattoos on arm

6. Unlike animals, birds are colourful creatures of nature and it is common to find species that have different color wings, head and other body parts. You can show this colourful variety in your tattoo design.
bird tattoos for women

7. Birds are often considered as messenger of peace. So you can get a bird tattoo design holding a rose flower or a white lily like this.
bird tattoos behind ear

8. Not only the type of bird you choose but also the pose of the biord matters in tattoo designing. For example the clouds in the background of this bird tattoo denote that the fird is flying high and free.
traditional bird tattoos

9. I usually do not suggest bird couple tattoos but this design on chest is very popular and it is perfect for siblings.
bird tattoos on chest

10. A popular take on bird tattoos is to ink those using watercolours. You will find many watercolour bird tattoos online and here is one that we liked.
colorful bird tattoos