155+ Best 3D Tattoos Designs for Men & Women (2018)

Best 3D Tattoos

11. If you opt for multiple 3D tattoos then make sure they complement each other or otherwise the whole design would be just waste of space. Here is a confusing 3D tattoo of a lioness and a candle.(Simple drawing tattoos)
3d leg tattoos

12. Girls like to have butterfly tattoos so I would recommend them to try a 3D butterfly tattoo design on shoulder like this.
3d butterfly tattoos

13. If you opt for a 3D tribal design then my suggestion would be to go for a native Indian or a tribal male portrait tattoo design like this.
3d tattoos sleeves

14. If you want a 3D temporary tattoo design then I would suggest you to either go for a watercolour 3d tattoo or a pastel 3D tattoo.
3d tattoos

15. 3D tattoos require more space than an average tattoo design so have it on body parts like thighs, shoulders or chest or back.
best 3d tattoos ever

16. It is better to pick up a realistic 3D tattoo design then to go after an imaginative tattoo design. Here is a 3D flower tattoo along with an eye tattoo and a diamond tattoo.
cool 3d tattoos

17. Even though I would suggest a medium size 3D portrait tattoo but if you are huge fan of a musician or actor or actress then you can opt for a full back 3d tattoo like this (Oozy osbourne).
3d back tattoos

18. A 3d sleeve tattoo design is ideal for those who are looking for a cover up tattoo design on arms.
3d sleeve tattoos

19. You can also get your name (or your loved ones name) inked in 3D style. For this you have to choose 3D fonts.
amazing 3d tattoos

20. 3D tattoos can go wrong so be sure that you pick up the right design and the right artist or otherwise it might become a huge tattoo fail.
3d tattoos designs